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When it comes to per­for­mance I couldn’t fault these lines. Like Scierra’s ded­i­cated trout lines they are sup­ple, smooth and per­form way above their price tag, rep­re­sent­ing ex­cel­lent value for money. THESE spe­cial­ist lines are de­signed to turn over heav­ier lead­ers and large fly pat­terns whether they be tied on 6/0 hooks or foot-long tubes. The lines are a Floater, Float/Sink3 and Sink3 and all are avail­able in WF8-10. They are 100 feet long, have a head length of 37 feet (11.3 me­tres) and have front and rear welded loops. All the lines fea­ture a seam­less tran­si­tion be­tween the head length and the run­ning line mak­ing for a smooth line shoot. The Floater has a hi-vis char­treuse head length with a white run­ning line and the dif­fer­ence in di­am­e­ter be­tween the two sec­tions is fairly ob­vi­ous. The head sec­tion looks very thick but it has the abil­ity to load the rod quickly and punch the fly out with no prob­lems. All you have to do is aeri­alise the head length with a cou­ple of short hauls and the line streaks out onto the tar­get. Its ag­gres­sive short front ta­per also means it is ca­pa­ble of turn­ing over the most air re­sis­tant and bulky of flies. Built around a braided ny­lon core it has a rea­son­able amount of stretch, is nice and sup­ple in the hand, and lies in nice big coils at your feet or in the boat on the re­trieve. A good line to use when fish­ing sur­face flies or Pop­pers or when the fish are ly­ing in shal­low water in the weedbeds. The Float/sink3 has a 3ips sink­ing head length which is dark olive and it is backed by a white float­ing run­ning line. The head length isn’t as thick as that of the Floater but still no­tice­able com­pared to the run­ning line. Again, this is an easy line to cast as its front loaded ta­per is just cry­ing out to be re­leased. The sink­ing head sinks read­ily first time out of the box. A good line for when you want to get down a few feet. The Sink3 is a dark olive, full sink­ing line with a 3ips sink rate, ideal when you need to get the line down along its en­tire length for a con­trolled or deeper re­trieve.

Scierra’s Big Fly II Float/ Sink3 (left) and Sink3 lines.

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