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The Ruel is a classic west coast spate-river. From its con­flu­ence with the Garvie Burn it is fish­able for about 12 miles as it flows through Glen­daruel and into Loch Rid­don. Fish­ing ac­tiv­ity dur­ing the past few years has been very low, but now for the first time day-tick­ets are avail­able to fish for sal­mon, sea-trout and brown trout. A re-stock­ing pro­gramme us­ing brood­stock caught in the river has been car­ried out, and dur­ing the past two years there have been en­cour­ag­ing signs that the num­ber of sal­mon and sea-trout are in­creas­ing sig­nif­i­cantly and some very good fish have been re­leased. Prospects are ex­cel­lent when the river is in spate. Day-tick­ets for sal­mon and sea-trout cost from £20 Con­tact Tom Carter, Fish­pal. Tel: 01573 470 612 Pur­chase tick­ets on­line at www.fish­pal.com/scot­land/ Ar­gyll/kan­da­har


THROUGH­OUT THE first half of June the river stayed low and few catches were re­ported with the main runs of mi­gra­tory fish still to come. How­ever, wet weather in the mid­dle of the month raised water lev­els to 1.2 m on the Cwm Llan­erch gauge and then sub­se­quent down­pours pushed the level up to a 2.5 m flood on the 19th. This en­cour­aged a run of sal­mon, with some big fish among them, as well as bring­ing in rea­son­able num­bers of seatrout. As I write (June 29), lev­els have been good for the fly for some days, but now fur­ther rain is push­ing the water up again. Rus­sell Mee hit the jack­pot: fish­ing a worm on up­per Gwydyr waters on June 20 when the water was still high but fall­ing, he had four sal­mon and lost oth­ers. Russ had fish of 8 lb and 7 lb from the Blue pool – that beau­ti­ful pool at the bot­tom of the Lledr just be­fore it joins Tyn y Cae – then sal­mon of 14 lb and 12 lb (both re­leased) from the point by the fish­ing hut in Tyn y Cae it­self. I hear that, among fish lost on that day, one was cer­tainly over 20 lb. This top part of the up­per Gwydyr beat has also been

pro­duc­tive for sea-trout fly­fish­ers. Gra­ham Lock­ett had a 5 lb sea-trout and two 2 lb fish from Tyn y Cae, and Stu­art Davies a five-pounder from the tail of this pool on his sec­ond cast of the sea­son. In higher water Ian Wil­liams caught a 4 lb sea trout from the Blue pool on a spin­ner. On the Beaver Grove beat sea-trout have been seen jump­ing in the Firs pool and Frank Lysak caught a 3 lb fish on fly from the head of this bend in the river. With a small, but keen, mem­ber­ship this syn­di­cate has been re­cently rein­vig­o­rated and I hope to re­port good catches from other pools along this right-bank beat this sea­son. On the lower of the Gwydyr beats a few sea-trout have been caught in Hafod, but, a bit ear­lier in the sea­son, Stu­art Davies, fish­ing a fly around the Wil­low pool, re­leased a huge brown trout es­ti­mated at 6 lb. The Wil­low pool is at the bot­tom of that large east­erly bend of the river above the rail­way cross­ing, which it­self is just above the fa­mous Wall pool. Down­stream, on the Llan­r­wst town beat, Sam Lees has had sea-trout to 3 lb and Jack Wil­liams fish to 2 lb. Also on the fly at night Stu­art Llewellyn has lost a record num­ber of sea-trout in June and was sur­prised to find that the one fish which he man­aged to get to the net was a 7 lb sal­mon. Fur­ther down from here, be­low Gower’s Bridge, I hear of sea-trout to 3 lb caught on the fly at the top of the Plas Madoc beat. The top pool of this beat, Titler’s, bends round nicely into the Sig­nal Box pool and, with the water low­ish, an an­gler can wade round this bend, cast­ing into what tra­di­tion­ally has been held to be one of the best sea-trout hold­ing ar­eas on the river. In the mid­dle of this beat, sal­mon have been seen mov­ing in the Stake and Pom­pryn pools, which are bet­ter known as sal­mon hold­ing ar­eas and the Stake, in par­tic­u­lar, is ideal for the shrimp in lower water with fish that have come in on the tide. I re­main at max­coven­try@ aol.com or please leave a mes­sage on 01352 720 152. – MAX COVEN­TRY.


THE RIVER was at sum­mer level for much of June, which made sal­mon fish­ing chal­leng­ing. A few fish were caught on the Fed­er­a­tion waters in the Fel­ton area. Sal­mon of 6 lb, 7 lb and 8 lb were re­ported. The bright days made a stealthy ap­proach nec­es­sary. K. Mather landed a sea-liced 12 lb 8 oz sal­mon in the Black Bridge to the Swans area. Ac­cess for sal­mon at Pau­per­haugh Bridge should now be eas­ier in low water af­ter the work that has been car­ried out. I also heard of a few fish slightly fur­ther up­river than Fel­ton, so odd ones are mov­ing up­stream, even in the low water. A wet spell to­wards the end of June im­proved sport. The heav­i­est sal­mon to date was caught by James Tocker, who had a fish of 14 lb 12 oz from the Swan’s Neck. Sev­eral other fish were re­ported. Seatrout were run­ning and sev­eral were caught on the Fel­ton beat. Early au­tumn fish­ing can be very good given plenty of water. – DAVID CARRICK.


THE WEATHER has gen­er­ally been fine and warm on the South West Lakes trout fish­eries with some very hu­mid days and the oc­ca­sional heavy down­pour – ideal con­di­tions for hatches and ter­res­tri­als, with dry-flies per­form­ing well on calmer days. Water tem­per­a­tures are around 17-18 deg C and ris­ing, and lev­els are still full or fairly high. Catches at Si­bly­back dropped slightly over June, but still showed a re­spectable av­er­age of 2.8 fish per an­gler, which in­cluded a num­ber of brown and blue trout. While fish are still look­ing up­wards to feed (with Hop­pers, Bibios, Bee­tles, and dry Sedges catch­ing fish), most fish have been caught on nymphs (es­pe­cially Di­awl Bachs, Buzzers, Damsels and Pheas­ant Tails) fished just un­der the sur­face us­ing sink-tip or in­ter­me­di­ate lines. Pulled Tad­poles, Fritz pat­terns, Cor­morants and Cat’s Whiskers did well on sink­ing lines when the fish were in deeper water. With bank an­glers en­joy­ing more suc­cess than the boats, the most pro­duc­tive ar­eas in­cluded Stocky Bay, the North

Good water on Fowey pro­duces seatrout to 4 lb

Shore, and Two Mead­ows. The best fish of the month was a 5 lb 2 oz rain­bow, caught by Mr N. Fox. Stithi­ans con­tin­ues to fish well, an­glers av­er­ag­ing 2.9 fish per rod, in­clud­ing a num­ber of hard-fight­ing blue trout and fish well spread out. With plenty of flies and bee­tles about, the fish are feed­ing keenly and com­ing up to a va­ri­ety of dry pat­terns such as Hawthorns, black Hop­pers, Foam Bee­tles, Black and Pea­cock Spi­ders, and Sedge pat­terns. Nymphs (Damsels, Di­awl Bachs, Buzzers, and Mon­tanas) fished on sink-tip lines have also pro­duced good catches. Pipe Bay, Mos­sops, Pub Bay, and Yel­lowort have fished well, as has the deeper water by the dam. The best fish of the month was a 4 lb 3 oz rain­bow, caught by Mr G. Ant­cliff from Cam­borne. Rods at Drift have av­er­aged 2.5 fish per an­gler, with float­tubers en­joy­ing con­sid­er­able suc­cess when fish­ing mid­wa­ter at the dam end. Bank an­glers found most fish from the north bank and around the dam area. Apart from a few fish com­ing up to black gnats, most have been feed­ing sub-sur­face and caught on Black and Pea­cock Spi­der vari­ants, Buzzers, green Di­awl Bachs, and Crunch­ers; deeper fish have fallen to pulled dark or black lure pat­terns. With the weather warm­ing up and the ar­rival of lon­gawaited rain in mid June the Fowey was in an ideal state for fresh sea-trout and sal­mon to run through­out the catch­ment. As a re­sult, sea-trout to 4 lb were reg­u­larly taken on fly at night and on spin­ners dur­ing the day; fresh grilse (of 4 lb-6 lb) were also re­ported, fall­ing mainly to spin­ners in fall­ing water. The river still looks in fine con­di­tion and it is hoped that the sum­mer peal run will ap­pear shortly, July usu­ally show­ing a marked in­crease in sea-trout num­bers – al­beit smaller fish. Many of the big­ger fish have now run up the river and are safely in the sanc­tu­ary ar­eas man­aged by the Fowey River As­so­ci­a­tion. The Glynn Val­ley syn­di­cate beat has not seen much ac­tiv­ity, but mem­ber Alan Hawken lost an en­er­getic small fish and then had one of 1 lb 8 oz. There is lit­tle to re­port on the Lyn­her. A small coloured spate in early June did not trig­ger any size­able run of sea-trout. The num­ber of sea-trout in the river re­mains dis­ap­point­ing for this time of year, and low, clear water makes fish­ing dif­fi­cult. One or two sal­mon have been re­ported, al­though it is too early to as­sess the likely run for this year. There has been lit­tle ac­tiv­ity on the Inny. How­ever, spates dur­ing June, al­though tak­ing a long time to fine down, did at last clean the stones and re-oxy­genate the tired and low Ta­mar! Ian El­ford fished the Nether­bridge beat on the Ta­mar be­fore the heavy rain, and al­though strug­gling to find any de­cent trout, was re­warded with a spec­i­men grayling at Carey Foot that mea­sured 20 inches. Colin Hook­way con­nected with a 4 lb grilse and a week later landed a re­ally fresh 7 lb sal­mon on the Ta­mar. Andy Blackie also re­ported that he had banked three fresh sal­mon on the Ta­mar. The Tre­sar­rett Fish­ery (Tre­sar­rett Manor) beat on the Camel pro­duced a nice 9 lb 8 oz sal­mon and a 3 lb 8 oz sea-trout at the end of June; both were caught by Gary

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