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CHRIS WRITES: Ev­ery time I fish for sea-trout in salt­wa­ter there are things I take care to re­mind my­self.

● Ad­just ex­pec­ta­tions. You’re fish­ing for feed­ing sea-trout, crea­tures that are wild as the wind. Though you may well see plenty of fish, you’ll do well to en­counter one or two of them in any given ses­sion.

● Find tide-rips and chan­nels, ar­eas where food such as shrimps, rag­worms, fry and sandeels may be con­cen­trated.

● Fish the fly in an off­shore wind or cross-wind. Try­ing to fish in an on­shore wind is of­ten point­less: float­ing sea­weed can make an­gling life un­bear­able.

● Try fish­ing the last two hours of the ebb and the first two hours of the flood. Food sources are then con­cen­trated into smaller ar­eas (chan­nels). As the tide floods and the lough or es­tu­ary fills, sea-trout dis­perse and be­come more dif­fi­cult to find.

● Use a line-tray but keep other gear to a min­i­mum

● Safety is vi­tal. Take sen­si­ble pre­cau­tions and carry some­thing to eat and drink. Wear wader studs rather than felt soles. Use a wad­ing staff and eye pro­tec­tion. Carry a first-aid kit.

Dawn cast. Fo­cus your ef­forts on the tide-rips and chan­nels.

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