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TWO COLOURS of buck­tail are used for the Cas­cade’s tail. These are orange and yel­low, placed to­gether and then mixed to pro­duce a long slim bunch. The tips don’t have to be per­fectly aligned, just enough so that the end of the tail isn’t too sparse. Mix­ing the colours pre­vents the tail from ap­pear­ing as two sep­a­rate lay­ers and is achieved by gen­tly rolling the two bunches to­gether be­tween your fin­gers. The fi­nal step in form­ing the tail is to em­bel­lish the buck­tail with a few strands of pearl Krys­tal Flash. Three or four strands are am­ple and are best added by catch­ing in lengths of the ma­te­rial and then dou­bling them over. The ad­van­tage of this method is that the strands can never be pulled out.

9 If four strands ap­pear ex­ces­sive, sim­ply trim off one strand at the tail-base. Trim all the ends of the Krys­tal Flash so the strands are the same length as the tail.

6 Tail-length is a mat­ter of choice but as a guide it should be ap­prox­i­mately 2½-3 times the length of the hook. If you’re happy with the tail se­cure the hair along the hook shank with fur­ther close tight turns of thread.

2 Take a patch of orange buck­tail and draw out a small pinch of the hair.

7 The fi­nal part of the tail is the ad­di­tion of strands of pearl Krys­tal Flash. By ty­ing in two long strands at their mid­point and then fold­ing them over, you will have four strands that can’t be pulled out.

With the two strands caught in at the tail-base, fold them over and fix with fur­ther thread-turns.

Of­fer the bunch of hair up to the hook and catch it in with two or three thread turns.

Fix the hook se­curely in the vice. In the case of a dou­ble hook in­sert the far hook rather than the near­est one. Run the ty­ing thread on close to the eye and wind it down the shank. Stop the thread op­po­site the hook points – this is where the two...

3 Snip off the hair at its base and re­move any dam­aged hairs. The hair-tips should be roughly but not per­fectly level.

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