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THE HACKLE is there to add colour and move­ment. It is ap­plied as a col­lar us­ing two dyed cock hack­les – one orange, one yel­low, mir­ror­ing the colours in the tail. When ap­ply­ing a col­lar hackle on a salmon fly of this type the in­ten­tion is to have the fi­bres form a ruff that sweeps back over the body and wing. To achieve this, the hackle feath­ers are pre­pared in a way known as dou­bling. This en­tails stroking the fi­bres so that they are all on the same side of the cen­tral stem. This way, as the stem is wound the fi­bres will sit in the same direc­tion, with­out need­ing turns of thread to force them back­wards.

22 Se­lect two cock hack­les – one orange, one yel­low. It’s im­por­tant that their fi­bres are the same length, slightly more than twice that of the hook gape.

23 Tak­ing the yel­low hackle first, strip away the soft fi­bres from its base to leave a bare sec­tion of stem. Hold­ing the base of the hackle with hackle pliers, stroke the fi­bres so they all sit on one side of the stem.

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