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Hackle: Large cock hack­les are best as these will form a cloak over the front of the fly. When start­ing to tie salmon flies, it is bet­ter to buy a packet of cock hack­les of the ideal size for shrimp pat­terns, rather than buy a whole cape from which you will only get a few hack­les of the right size. Floss: Used to cover a large area of hook shank in one colour. The fi­bres spread out to help pro­duce a flat even body. To start with, for salmon flies, buy black, red and yel­low floss. Hooks: The Cas­cade may be tied on a va­ri­ety of types of tube, plas­tic and metal, on a wire-based Wadding­ton shank or on a sin­gle, dou­ble or tre­ble hook. In our se­quence it is tied on a dou­ble, specif­i­cally a Scan­di­na­vian-style dou­ble, which has a shorter, more curved shank than a tra­di­tional salmon dou­ble. Scan­di­na­vian dou­bles also come in a va­ri­ety of fin­ishes, in­clud­ing gold, silver and black nickel; the lat­ter is used in the se­quence. Rib­bing tin­sel: All salmon-fly ty­ers should have silver and gold oval tin­sel. If you were to buy just one tin­sel, buy the medium size, al­though large and small sizes are avail­able. Flash: Sold in hanks (bunches). There are many types, in­clud­ing pearl, silver and coloured; some are flashier than oth­ers. Buy one hank and it will last for years. Use it in tails and wings. My­lar tin­sel: Flat My­lar is used for the body. It’s avail­able in many colours, in­clud­ing silver, gold and pearl as well as holo­graphic colours. We rec­om­mend you buy a tin­sel that is gold on one side and silver on the other. For salmon flies, use medium or large tin­sel, rather than small. Thread: For salmon flies, use 8/0 thread, which is stronger than the 6/0 used for smaller flies and more del­i­cate ma­te­ri­als. Squir­rel tail: This is a dense hair with no un­der­fur but with fine wispy tips that help to cre­ate a wing with a good sil­hou­ette. One down­side is that the hair is shiny and ty­ing thread can eas­ily slip off. Thread must be wound tightly. Buck­tail: A long hair with fine tips. It’s per­fect for all shrimp pat­terns with long tails and stan­dard pat­terns with long wings. The colours are vi­brant and eas­ily mixed.

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