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OPST stands for Olympic Penin­sula Sk­agit Tac­tics and as the name sug­gests th­ese lines orig­i­nate in the Pa­cific North West where us­ing sin­gle-handed rods to fish for steel­head, and dou­ble-handed rods to fish for trout, is fairly com­mon prac­tice. De­signed by well-known guide Ed Ward, th­ese short (12 ft-18 ft) lines bring the ad­van­tages of a sk­agit to lighter rods. They would be use­ful in the UK when fish­ing with a sin­gle-handed rod for salmon, and in heav­ier sizes for use on switch rods. They can also be cast over­head and shoot well, their ex­treme weight-for­ward pro­file help­ing you to cut through wind and turn over large, bulky flies. It seems likely that they would also be ex­cel­lent if fly-fish­ing for pike or when fish­ing a reser­voir or large still­wa­ter from the bank – they would en­able you to cast fairly ef­fort­lessly into wind with a fast-sinking tip to gain im­me­di­ate depth that should put your flies in the tak­ing zone when other lines might strug­gle. 150 grains, 12 ft; 175 grains, 12 ft; 225 grains, 13.5 ft; 275 grains, 13.5 ft; 350 grains, 15 ft; 375 grains, 15 ft; 400 grains, 16.5 ft; 450 grains, 18 ft; 475 grains, 18 ft. A use­ful ta­ble match­ing heads to rod rat­ings can be found at op­sk­agit.com/commando-heads.html

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