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THIN GELS are suited to del­i­cate ma­te­ri­als. Heavy pastes are best with coarse ma­te­ri­als. Liq­uid and pow­der floatants can be used on both. The use of a gel or paste floatant prior to the ap­pli­ca­tion of hy­dropho­bic pow­der will re­sult in the high­est float­ing fly for the long­est time while caus­ing some change in the colour of the fly. Some floatants leave CDC feath­ers un­al­tered while oth­ers can cause their fine fi­bres to mat to­gether, de­stroy­ing their abil­ity to float.


Prod­ucts that in­volve a large amount of hand shak­ing may spook clear wa­ter trout more than those need­ing small hand mo­tions, such as brush-on pow­der or rub-on paste. Aerosols and brush-on pow­ders are very dif­fi­cult and waste­ful to use in windy con­di­tions. Liq­uids need­ing pro­longed dry­ing times are less con­ve­nient when fish­ing than those prod­ucts that can be used im­me­di­ately.


close con­tain­ers af­ter use. Th­ese prod­ucts are messy if al­lowed to es­cape! Don’t ap­ply floatant over a wa­ter­logged or slimed fly. It merely seals in the wa­ter. Wash and dry the fly first. Do blow off ex­cess floatant pow­der and al­low liq­uid floatants time to dry com­pletely. Cast the fly on to the wa­ter away from the fish, al­low­ing any ex­cess floatant to dis­si­pate be­fore pre­sent­ing the fly. Fail­ure to do this may re­sult in an unattrac­tive oil or pow­der slick on the wa­ter sur­face. Don’t in­hale pow­der floatants as this may pose a health risk. Do avoid naked flames. Many gel and liq­uid floatants are in­flammable Don’t use more than a thin film of floatant on the fly. Ex­cess floatant adds weight and may stick ma­te­ri­als to­gether, de­creas­ing sur­face area and re­duc­ing floata­tion. Do use paste, gel or brush-on pow­der to treat part of a fly. Liq­uid and aerosol floatants will spread all over the fly. Don’t use a floatant on a plas­tic fly-line un­less it is de­signed for that use. Do iso­late the parts of the fly you wish to sink by wet­ting your fin­gers with saliva and grip­ping the fly tightly. Leave ex­posed the part you wish to coat with floatant.

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