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I fish the Culm with ei­ther an 8 ft 6 in four- or three-weight rod. If you should need to re­sort to sub­sur­face tac­tics, a longer 10 ft two- or three-weight is per­fect for nymph­ing, but it can be tricky to use in the more over­grown pools. Like many West­coun­try streams, hatches tend to be light (rel­a­tive to the chalk­streams or some North­ern rivers) and the fish op­por­tunis­tic. Fairly generic, well-pre­sented dry-flies, such as Adams, CDC, Deer Hair Emerger and Elk Hair Cad­dis, will catch plenty of fish. In high sum­mer, it may be nec­es­sary to down­size to small aphid and black gnat pat­terns. While the river is small, the pres­ence of in-stream veg­e­ta­tion and woody de­bris means that the flow pat­terns can be com­plex, so don’t be afraid to use a long (14 ft-plus) leader and tip­pet to help with pre­sen­ta­tion.


You can buy day or sea­son tick­ets. Day tick­ets for a one-mile stretch of the river can be bought through the West­coun­try An­gling Pass­port (west­coun­try an­ Should you wish to fish reg­u­larly, Cred­i­ton Fly­fish­ing Club has about two miles of the river. An­nual mem­ber­ship is £95 and is avail­able at the web­site: fly-fish­ Some­thing to keep in mind is that due to its ge­o­mor­phol­ogy and heavy farm­ing pres­sure on the land, the Culm is prone to colour­ing up af­ter rain and can take sev­eral days to clear af­ter a spate.


For those who like a break from the river and a spot of lunch, the Ashill Inn (ashillinnde­ is two miles from the river. For a lunch (al­most) over­look­ing the cen­tre of your at­ten­tion, The Culm Val­ley Inn (thecul­m­val­ is a good place for a Devon ale and a posh sand­wich.

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