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Win a Sci­en­tific An­glers fly-lines

SEVEN WIN­NERS of this month’s com­pe­ti­tion will re­ceive a Sci­en­tific An­glers Am­pli­tude MPX sin­gle-handed fly-line in their choice of line rat­ing. The Am­pli­tude lines are the first to fea­ture Sci­en­tific An­glers revo­lu­tion­ary new AST PLUS slick­ness ad­di­tive. Th­ese lines will shoot fur­ther and last longer than any other line on the mar­ket. Am­pli­tude lines are 70 per cent slicker than any line from a ri­val man­u­fac­turer and last an av­er­age of 862 per cent longer. Slick­ness means less fric­tion, which in turn means a line that casts fur­ther and is eas­ier to pick off the wa­ter. The AST Plus coat­ing is built all the way down to the core of ev­ery Am­pli­tude fly-line. Un­like lines with an or­di­nary over­coat that can wear off quickly the Am­pli­tude series re­gen­er­ates its slick­ness as the ad­di­tive moves to the sur­face. Built on a braided mul­ti­fil­a­ment core and fea­tur­ing Sci­en­tific An­glers line ID mark­ings, the MPX is a half-size heavy for bet­ter load­ing and feel with faster-ac­tioned rods. The ta­per is de­signed to de­liver power and pre­sen­ta­tion. The line also fea­tures Sci­en­tific An­glers Float­ing Tex­ture on the tip sec­tion for im­proved floata­tion and a Shoot­ing Tex­ture run­ning line for longer casts – the per­fect choice for turn­ing over long lead­ers when tar­get­ing spooky river trout or mak­ing those longdis­tance pre­sen­ta­tions to cruis­ing reser­voir rain­bows.

“Slick­ness means less fric­tion, which in turn means a line that casts fur­ther and is eas­ier to pick up”


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