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IN APRIL I re­ported that the An­gling Trust has suc­cess­fully per­suaded the En­vi­ron­ment Agency to con­sult on pro­pos­als for re­duc­ing tar­geted coastal net­ting for salmon and sea-trout, and the con­sul­ta­tion – de­layed by the gen­eral elec­tion – will be launched shortly. The at­ten­tion of the Save Our Salmon cam­paign has moved on to re­duc­ing the bycatch, and il­le­gal catch, of mi­gra­tory fish in the wide va­ri­ety of inshore nets that are used in our es­tu­ar­ies and around our coast­line. Gill nets, when set as en­tan­gle­ment nets, will catch any and every fish that tries to pass through them, and have be­come much more wide­spread in re­cent decades. The ten Inshore Fish­ery and Con­ser­va­tion Au­thor­i­ties (IFCAS) around the coast of Eng­land are in the process of re­view­ing their byelaws. This was a re­quire­ment set out un­der the Marine and Coastal Access act of 2009. The IFCAS re­placed the old Sea Fish­eries Com­mit­tees and are re­spon­si­ble for man­ag­ing fish stocks and fish­eries to six nau­ti­cal miles from the shore. Some have made more progress than oth­ers in re­view­ing their ex­ist­ing byelaws. The by­laws cover a whole range of is­sues, but these in­clude the pro­tec­tion of smolts and re­turn­ing adult salmon and seatrout in es­tu­ar­ies and at sea. Last au­tumn, An­gling Trust pub­lished a dossier of ev­i­dence about the need to re­form the inshore net­ting reg­u­la­tions and we used it to sup­port our in­put into con­sul­ta­tions on new by­laws re­strict­ing the use of nets in es­tu­ar­ies in both the Corn­wall/ Devon and Sev­ern IFCA dis­tricts, which were even­tu­ally ap­proved by the IFCA com­mit­tees. When signed off by De­fra they will have a sig­nif­i­cant im­pact – sub­ject to be­ing en­forced – in en­sur­ing bet­ter pro­tec­tion for mi­gra­tory fish. Most IFCA com­mit­tees in­clude an­glers, but com­mer­cial nets­men still dom­i­nate. We need lo­cal an­glers to get in­volved in the by­law re­view process by us­ing their knowl­edge to pro­pose new by­laws, or amend­ments to ex­ist­ing byelaws, to en­sure IFCAS man­age stocks in their dis­tricts in line with their re­spon­si­bil­i­ties to, “lead, cham­pion and man­age a sus­tain­able marine en­vi­ron­ment and inshore fish­eries, by suc­cess­fully se­cur­ing the right bal­ance be­tween so­cial, en­vi­ron­men­tal and eco­nomic ben­e­fits to en­sure healthy seas, sus­tain­able fish­eries and a vi­able in­dus­try.” The South­ern IFCA is one of the next IFCAS to be­gin the process of re­view­ing by­laws re­lat­ing to net­ting. South­ern has an An­gling Li­ai­son Group, with whom the Au­thor­ity (cov­er­ing Dorset, Hamp­shire and the Isle of Wight) con­sults over byelaws. If you know this area, please work with this group, or ap­ply to join it, to help us pro­tect le­gal fish­ing. If you would like to help, please con­tact our Head of Marine (david.mitchell@ an­ We will let our mem­bers know when an IFCA launches a re­view. Please join to sup­port our work and keep in­formed:­

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