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I en­joyed the ar­ti­cle on the Tweed in July’s edi­tion with the grand sweep of the river wrap­ping round Old Mel­rose on the first page. How­ever, while Be­mer­syde starts at this point on the near­est bank, the far bank and hut is, of course, Ravenswood. A charm­ing beat that con­tin­ues for about a mile up­stream, and down to the left-hand cor­ner of the pho­to­graph. I took up salmon fish­ing late and learned on Ravenswood un­der the wise gaze of gillie Tony Ford, a big man who cast ef­fort­lessly but del­i­cately and in­vented sev­eral suc­cess­ful fly pat­terns. These days I fish the Find­horn, a far cry from the Tweed. It is the di­ver­sity of the rivers in Scot­land that I think makes it such a de­sir­able place to fish. Martin Tol­hurst, Nairn

WITH­OUT WISHING to den­i­grate the mag­nif­i­cent pho­to­graph of Scott’s View, might I just cor­rect the an­no­ta­tion, hav­ing had the ben­e­fit of liv­ing be­side this great river within a mile of the afore­men­tioned view for in ex­cess of 63 years. The fish­ing hut is ac­tu­ally Ravenswood’s, the up­per stretch is Gledswood on the north bank with Ravenswood pre­dom­i­nately op­po­site. Be­mer­syde is vir­tu­ally en­tirely down­stream with their hut out of vi­sion around the next cor­ner. Ian at Be­mer­syde and An­drew at Gledswood are two of the nicest and most knowl­edge­able gillies around although Kevin at Tweedswood might take ex­cep­tion to such an opin­ion. As a long­stand­ing ad­mirer of the Tweed Com­mis­sion­ers and their ef­forts to pro­tect the finest salmon river in the UK, I take this op­por­tu­nity to wholly sup­port the protest raised by the Tweed Gillies against the net­ting ac­tiv­i­ties of Mr Hind­haugh at the River Tweed Wild Salmon Co. It beg­gars be­lief that the BBC ac­tu­ally gave this or­gan­i­sa­tion air time on both Coun­try File and The Great Bri­tish Menu. Gavin Pol­lock, Hamp­shire

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