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Giles Catch­pole al­lows his en­thu­si­asm for a lit­er­ary jeu d’es­prit (T&S, June) to over­come both com­mon sense and a proper re­spect for the facts. We are ten para­graphs into his ar­ti­cle be­fore any sub­ject re­motely re­lated to an­gling is broached, and must wait to the bit­ter end to learn that the in­spi­ra­tion for this sin­gu­larly fish­less episode of Last Cast is his re­ceipt of three in­vi­ta­tions to fish three dif­fer­ent rivers for three days. He is a lucky fel­low, but is ar­gu­ing from false premises. It is self-ev­i­dently wrong to be­lieve that “Ev­ery­thing can be divided by three”. Nei­ther prime nor ir­ra­tional num­bers (such as Pi) can be so divided. And nor, in any sen­si­ble way, can a packed sand­wich from Pret a Manger, shared driv­ing du­ties in a two-seater coupe or a pint of beer (which, of course, is only ever halved). Even the ex­am­ples he cites do not al­ways sup­port his ar­gu­ment. “Up, down, side­ways” surely car­ries less weight than “north, south, east, west”. It must be long since he lis­tened to “(I can’t get no) Sat­is­fac­tion”, else he would surely re­alise that the sub­se­quent “Hey!” is re­peated not three but four times. And in con­clud­ing that he is, like Kylie Minogue, “Lucky, lucky, lucky”, a very lit­tle re­search re­veals that he is again mis­taken. Ms Minogue wished that she “should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky”, which by my arith­metic makes four rather than three. Wing Com­man­der David Hel­sam (re­tired), Lech­lade

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