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You can at­tach the leader to the right or left side, or the un­der­neath, of your dressed hook or tube-fly. I usu­ally con­nect the leader to the side of the fly that will swim clos­est to the home bank. How­ever, the fly will still hitch, with a V-wake, when the leader is at­tached to the far side of the fly, achiev­ing a dif­fer­ent ef­fect as it swings across the pool – it will swim al­most broad­side to the fish, with its head and the V-wake point­ing more to­wards the home bank. This can be ef­fec­tive on pool tails. If you con­nect the leader to the un­der­side of the fly, the fly will ride like a jet ski, which can be ef­fec­tive in faster, chop­pier water at the head of a pool where the an­gled fly is more sus­cep­ti­ble to drown­ing.

At­tach a nor­mal fly with your usual knot, then add two halfhitches be­hind the head.

At­tach a hitch­ing tube-fly through a hole in the side of the tube. It should have a hole on both sides.

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