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You can hitch al­most any un­weighted fly but some wake bet­ter than oth­ers. Sparse pat­terns with a wing and throat are best. Flies tied on hooks specif­i­cally for the hitch leave a space be­tween the eye and the head where you can tie the leader, but it’s not es­sen­tial. Flies that are dressed on plas­tic tubes are eas­ier to at­tach be­cause you don’t need the knot that gives the fly its name and they ride higher in the water. I use stan­dard pat­terns, in­clud­ing Night Hawk, Black Sheep, Hau­gre, Crathie and Yel­low Stoat. Try 1 cm-2 cm flies – their wings should ex­tend 2 mm3 mm past the bend or tube end. Use a long-winged fly (3 cm-6 cm), Col­lie Dog or Sun­ray, in higher water. For hooks, light-wire dou­bles and sin­gles re­duce weight. For tubes, I pre­fer size 14-18 sil­ver VMC tre­bles or Par­tridge Stingers. Avoid gold VMCS – I find they bend eas­ily and some­times break.

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