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CATCHES ON the Lower Beauly were con­sis­tent and en­cour­ag­ing while water lev­els held up dur­ing the first three weeks of May. In the first week (be­tween 8 in and 14 in) the RBFS party landed ten – all bar one on the Falls beat. On the score­sheet were S. Brook with a brace (bet­ter 14 lb in the Glide), D. Ec­cle­ston with three (best 12 lb in Is­land Run), R. Baker with a brace (bet­ter 12 lb in North Run), C. Fell (16 lb in Stones), P. Walker and R. Guy. The sec­ond week (be­tween 1 ft and zero) pro­duced 14 – all on the Falls beat. The Bra­mall, Wa­ters and Hock­ley party had three: a brace (bet­ter 12 lb in Ferry North) to R. Bra­mall and one (10 lb in Stones) to T. Hock­ley. The Mariner, Har­ris and For­man party picked up 11, with four in the Ferry on a Jamie’s Fancy (best 14 lb) to N. For­man, four (best 12 lb and in­clud­ing three in a day) to R. For­man and one apiece to M. Har­ris, N. Gar­diner and S. Mariner. The third week (be­tween zero and 6 in) yielded 11, with the Home beat also now fea­tur­ing. The Zissler party caught seven, with a brace each to P. Zissler, P. Birch (bet­ter 14 lb in Old Jetty) and J. White (bet­ter 12 lb in the Ferry) and one to R. Peat. The Fitchew and Vil­lar party banked four – one each to M. Holme (14 lb in the Ferry), T. Vil­lar (15 lb in the Ferry), S. Nunn and S. Bed­ford (18 lb in Old Jetty). By the fourth week the water was re­stricted to min­i­mal com­pen­sa­tion level and just one fish was recorded – 12 lb in the Glide to J. Walden. At the start of the week of May 29 John Macpher­son landed a 12 lb salmon in Sil­ver. By now all the hy­dro lochs feed­ing the sys­tem were se­verely de­pleted and it was go­ing to take sus­tained heavy rain­fall to re­plen­ish them. – AN­DREW GRA­HAM-STE­WART.

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