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CHILLY, DRY weather con­tin­ued to thwart an­glers in most parts of the Clyde. A bit­terly cold wind per­sisted through­out May, even when the sun shone from a cloud­less sky. In the clear water near Carstairs small shoals of trout, each es­ti­mated at around 2 lb, could be seen pa­trolling to­gether close to the bank. With no hatches vis­i­ble, an­glers had no idea what flies they should use. It was a bit of a con­fi­dence-builder when the oc­ca­sional enor­mous trout erupted on the far side of the river but usu­ally re­fused to ac­cept any­thing floated over them. On one oc­ca­sion, a dense cloud of small brown cad­dis flies was blown up the river. The si­lence was bro­ken as the sur­face of the river came alive with trout try­ing to catch as many of the in­sects as they could eat. The sud­den ac­tiv­ity lasted only a few min­utes and no­body seems to have been able to take ad­van­tage of the rise. It was nearly two weeks later that an­other cad­dis fly species fi­nally put in an ap­pear­ance. This was the much-loved grannom. Only a few were spot­ted and the trout chose to ig­nore them. On the few ex­tremely hot days around the hol­i­day week­end, some of the smaller up­winged flies put in an ap­pear­ance. Fly-fish­ers man­aged to catch a few trout to­wards the end of the month. These were not large spec­i­mens but hopes were high that the start of the level of sport ex­pected of the Clyde would soon ar­rive. The best trout re­ported were taken by bait an­glers near Abing­ton. About 3 lb, these would scarcely have mer­ited a men­tion at this time last year. Some an­glers were cry­ing out for some rain while oth­ers wanted an in­crease in the tem­per­a­ture with, per­haps, less wind. Two days of rain did ar­rive but it was mainly soaked up by the parched earth and the Clyde rose by only a few inches. Two days and nights of in­cred­i­bly hot weather tempted a num­ber of an­glers to try their luck on the night­shift. A half-hearted gloam­ing rise al­lowed them to pick up the odd 12 in trout but, as soon as the sun went down, even these fish went off the feed. The month ended with just a lit­tle driz­zle. This was not enough to en­cour­age salmon to run in large num­bers and there have been no con­firmed sight­ings, even on the Mid Clyde An­gling As­so­ci­a­tion water. en­try. – TOM MC­GRE­GOR.

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