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Fish­eries: Jim fished Lower In­ver­cauld, but other beats in the area of­fer a sim­i­lar fish­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. Most beats can of­fer gil­lies, how­ever with so much space and so many pools, they pro­vide their ex­cel­lent ser­vice with a lighter touch than on shorter, more heav­ily fished beats. For more in­for­ma­tion visit www.fishdee.co.uk

Ian Mur­ray con­trols three beats: Lower In­ver­cauld, Mon­al­trie and Glen­muick. He and his sons have set up su­per huts and kept rod num­bers low. I fished seven-mile Lower In­ver­cauld, lim­ited to three rods. Three-mile Mon­al­trie has three rods, around and be­low Ballater. Glen­muick has two rods on the right bank be­low Ballater, par­tially op­po­site Mon­al­itrie. Lower In­ver­cauld has a five-year av­er­age of 60 fish, as does Mon­al­trie. E-mail: ian­mur­ray.riverdee@bt­in­ter­net.com

Crathie beat is above Lower In­ver­cauld and of­fers more than six miles of left-bank fish­ing for four rods. The five-year av­er­age is about 130. E-mail: of­fice@in­ver­cauld.es­tate

Bal­moral beat is lightly fished and of­fers six miles of south/right-bank fish­ing for three rods with a fiveyear av­er­age of 10. E-mail: info@bal­moral­cas­tle.com

Abergeldie of­fers six miles of right/south-bank fish­ing for three rods with a five-year av­er­age catch of 15 fish. E-mail: info@bal­moral­cas­tle.com

Birkhall of­fers three miles of fish­ing on the south/ right-bank for three rods. The five-year av­er­age catch is 11 fish. E-mail: info@bal­moral­cas­tle.com

Corin Smith runs Wild Rise (wildrisec­om­pany.com) and can ar­range trout/salmon trips off the beaten track, across Scot­land, in­clud­ing the up­per Dee.

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