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The Ir­ish Shrimp and Welsh Bug style is not new but the fact they are still used with con­fi­dence is proof of their ef­fi­ciency. Don’t be put off by their sim­ple look be­cause the cock hack­les pulse in any cur­rent and the long golden pheas­ant fi­bres in the tail cre­ate a great pro­file in the wa­ter. There are many pat­terns but those spe­cial to me in­clude: the Curry’s Red Shrimp (with it I once had three fish in an hour on the Up­per Oykel dur­ing a slow start to the week); the Bann Shrimp (a sub­dued pat­tern that works well when bright flies have been ig­nored); the Black-and-sil­ver Shrimp (for when there are fresh fish around); and the Wilkin­son Shrimp (again, great for fresh fish). If I’ve missed your favourite, I'm sorry, but there are dozens and they all work if fished with con­fi­dence. I think they fish best when “tipped” through the swing: bounce the rod tip up and down to move the fly.

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