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CATCHES ON the Buc­cleuch Es­tates fish­ing were en­cour­ag­ing after sig­nif­i­cant amounts of wa­ter at­tracted them in from the Sol­way. Heavy rain­fall over Eskdale­muir and the sur­round­ing area, brought the river up on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions. Early Au­gust saw sev­eral good lifts of wa­ter and then again from Au­gust 13 for over a week, con­sis­tent lev­els from 1ft-2ft kept the river in ideal or­der for run­ning fish. Early Au­gust saw R Booth catch four sea-trout to 2lb 8oz on the Wil­low Pool. John Barker caught sal­mon of 14lb and 9lb on fly and then on a later visit landed two fur­ther sal­mon. John Scott had a brace of sea-trout to 2lb 8oz while R Ni­chol­son landed one of 4lb. Colin Rome caught two sal­mon to 16lb while Alan Dixon landed a 5lb grilse and a 2lb sea-trout spin­ning. Mar­tin Coulthard caught two 3lb sea-trout. All th­ese fish were caught on the Wil­low Pool. Ian Black­ett caught a 2lb 8oz sea-trout and sal­mon of 14lb, 7lb and 7lb off the Caul­dron. John Wall landed a 6lb sal­mon and Colin Hud­son had one of 9lb off the Wil­low Pool. D Lai­dler caught a 7lb sal­mon and Pa­trick Lai­dler had a 1lb 8oz sea-trout. Sev­eral oth­ers were caught in the 1lb to 2lb range. Up river on the Gil­nockie Tower beat Jean Macrae caught a 3lb sea-trout in the Dunk while Ge­off Har­ris landed five sea-trout to 1lb 8oz. N Partlett caught sal­mon of 6lb, 10lb and a sea-trout of 2lb 8oz. Tony Kaye caught three sea-trout to 3lb 8oz fish­ing the Tower Pool and Dunk. Fish­ing the Hol­lows Beat, Ge­off Har­ris landed an 11lb sal­mon on fly in Shortsholm. Up­stream on the Mid Irvine House beat Ryan Wall caught a 1lb-plus sea-trout. Ian He­wart­son caught four sea-trout to 2lb over a few vis­its fish­ing the Car­rot Beds and House Stream. Colin Simp­son landed a 4 lb grilse on fly in the Boat Pool. Drew Mur­ray caught eight sea-trout to 3lb spin­ning on Mid Irvine House. On an­other visit he landed eight sea-trout to 3lb 8oz as well as a sal­mon of 17lb and 8lb. Th­ese fish were caught mainly in the Tar­ras Flat. John Richard­son landed a 4lb sea-trout. John Mur­ray caught sal­mon of 11lb and 5lb from the Boat Pool; as well as five sea-trout to 3lb. Ed­die Hart­ley caught a 5lb sal­mon and Mick To­pliss caught six sea-trout to 2lb mainly in the Is­land Stream. Colin Simp­son landed three sea-trout all in the 1lb 8oz class while Stu­art Nor­ris had four at 1lb. John Scott caught one of 1lb 8oz. P Gra­ham landed a 6lb sal­mon and two sea-trout to 2lb. The Mur­ray broth­ers con­tin­ued to catch fish on the Lower Irvine House beat. John Mur­ray caught a 5lb sal­mon and five seatrout to 3lb. On sub­se­quent vis­its he caught sal­mon of 6lb, 6lb, 7lb and 17lb, 4lb, 5lb and 14lb. He also caught 15 sea-trout to 3lb. His brother Drew caught five sea-trout to 3lb and a 10lb sal­mon. Mick To­pliss caught a fur­ther five sea-trout. Many fish fell to spin­ning baits when the river was car­ry­ing colour. Oth­ers were caught on fly. Catches like this do not re­flect what has been classed as an ail­ing river! On the Esk and Lid­del An­gling Club wa­ters sport im­proved con­sid­er­ably and many mem­bers caught seatrout. An­drew Fl­itcroft had a visit fish­ing a fall­ing wa­ter. He ac­counted for around 20 her­ling while fly-fish­ing. Ian Jar­dine landed a 9lb sal­mon on fly and Jackie Al­lan caught two sea-trout. More rain­fall pre­ceded some fine catches. Among them was Ian Jar­dine’s 14lb sal­mon plus two sea-trout from the Lid­del. Ross Cur­rie landed an 8lb sea-trout and a 7lb sal­mon while David Beat­tie caught four sea-trout to 3lb. Mike Sowerby landed a 5lb sal­mon while Alis­tair Pais­ley caught one of 7lb. Roger Mar­shall caught a 7lb sal­mon and two sea-trout while Dave Beat­tie landed an­other sal­mon of 5 lb. Jimmy Todd caught a 15lb sal­mon and Jackie Al­lan one of 7lb. Mar­tin Coulthard caught a 10lb sal­mon on his first cast while Jackie Al­lan landed a 16-pounder. Mar­tin Coulthard fished on Au­gust 16 catch­ing around 15 her­ling – only 50 per cent of those that took his of­fer­ings. Ty­ne­side An­glers Syn­di­cate rods ac­counted for sea-trout on their Long­wood beat mainly in the 1lb 8 oz to 3lb range. Best re­ported catch was eight sea-trout to 3lb by Kevin Win­ters. Th­ese fell to Mepps and fly mainly in Skip­per’s Bridge Pool. David Car­rick had two to 3lb on a small Fly­ing C Mepps in a fall­ing wa­ter, and fly at night ac­counted for most fish caught over the month. The Burn­foot Beat below Long­town fished well in Au­gust with over 30 sal­mon caught to 18lb. Prospects for Oc­to­ber as al­ways de­pend on river lev­els; given reg­u­lar rises fish should be run­ning right up to the end of the sea­son

Catches like this do not re­flect an ‘ail­ing’ river

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