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Hook Size 10-12 TMC 100 Thread Yel­low Sem­per­fli 6/0 Nano silk Body Ma­hogany-brown Superfine dub­bing Tho­rax Dark-brown Orvis Nymph dub­bing Hackle Sil­ver badger To tie a stan­dard Su­per Pupa, you clip the hackle fi­bres above and below the body. To dress this pat­tern, fished by my Swedish friends, you only trim the hackle fi­bres un­der­neath. I sus­pect its colour is a de­vi­a­tion from the orig­i­nal, too. I do know it did un­told dam­age late in the evening.


Hook Size 10-12 Par­tridge Grub Thread Yel­low Sem­per­fli 12/0 Nano silk Rib Brown Sem­per­fli 0.2mm wire Body Cad­dis-green Superfine dub­bing Tho­rax Ma­roon Sem­per­fli Strag­gle-string Head 2.8mm black tung­sten bead For the im­pa­tient, this Cad­dis Pupa proved its worth in pe­ri­ods when noth­ing stirred at the sur­face. The Strag­gle-string col­lar does a great job of sug­gest­ing legs. It was best fished sev­eral feet be­neath a yarn in­di­ca­tor and cast a fair way up­stream into deep pots.


Hook Size 10-12 Par­tridge Dry-fly Supreme Thread Yel­low Sem­per­fli 6/0 Nano silk Body Olive Ice-dub Un­der­wing (op­tional) Nat­u­ral CDC Wing Nat­u­ral elk hair With­out ques­tion the num­ber-one dry-fly dur­ing my stay in Rus­sia. A CDC un­der­wing pro­vides move­ment and a de­gree of scruffi­ness. Body colours can be al­tered, but I have ut­most con­fi­dence in olive Ice-dub.


Hook Size 8-10 Fulling Mill Nymph Spe­cial Thread Black Sem­per­fli 6/0 Nano silk Rib Brown 0.2mm wire Tail Red Sem­per­fli Ex­treme String Body Black Ice-dub Zonker strip Dyed black rab­bit Col­lar Two hen griz­zle hack­les Head Black tung­sten bul­let bead What­ever your sen­ti­ments about Stream­ers, shrewd an­glers al­ways have a few in their box, es­pe­cially when trav­el­ling. They’re handy for search­ing pools quickly and when con­di­tions don’t favour gen­teel meth­ods.

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