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THE HOT, dry weather con­tin­ued through late July and the first three weeks of Au­gust and many Devon rivers stayed at very low lev­els with few op­por­tu­ni­ties for sal­mon or sea-trout to run. How­ever, there were sev­eral brief if small spates, but th­ese were patchy and some rivers missed out al­to­gether. At the time of writ­ing (Au­gust 24) there is a real need for pro­longed heavy rain to pro­vide some ac­tiv­ity be­fore the end of the sea­son. On the Ta­mar at End­sleigh, the best of the four sal­mon was a fish of 11lb for Adrian Cross. It was his first sal­mon on a fly at End­sleigh and took a Cas­cade dou­ble at Beech Tree. On the same day, Adrian had a splen­did sea-trout of 7lb and an­other of 3lb on a Stoat’s Tail. Ted Stour­ton had a 10lb sal­mon on a Thun­der & Light­ning tube, Charles White­way caught a sal­mon of 4lb 8oz on a Cas­cade dou­ble, and Clin­ton Mar­shall’s 3lb fish was the first grilse of the sea­son. A to­tal of 14 seatrout were caught, mostly school peal up to around 1lb. Alex Medd caught three sea-trout, with two apiece for John Den­nis, Hec­tor Smyth Os­borne and Ge­orge Har­wood, all on a wide va­ri­ety of flies. At the Arun­dell Arms, hopes of any sig­nif­i­cant change to the drought con­di­tions were dashed when the few spells of rain in Au­gust failed to raise rivers more than a few inches for a few hours. As the month drew to a close there was much cooler weather but the rivers re­mained crit­i­cally low. A few sal­mon and grilse were moved by the small changes in the river lev­els but no­body was even fish­ing for sal­mon while wa­ter tem­per­a­tures were so high. Sea-trout fish­ing was very dif­fi­cult in the hot weather with fish re­luc­tant to take but the ho­tel man­aged a to­tal of 26, the best a 4lb fish for Alexan­der Jones from Beat 3 on the Lyd, taken at night on a Gur­gler. Olly Dawe­lane had two con­sec­u­tive all-night ses­sions for a very re­spectable to­tal of 12 sea-trout up to 2lb on a mix of wet flies and sur­face lures from the lower Lyd. Trout fish­ing was also tough dur­ing the blaz­ing heat, with ho­tel rods tak­ing a to­tal of 155 wild brown­ies and 23 grayling. The best trout was a 12-incher for Howard Will­mott from Beat 4 on the Thrushel, taken on a Klinkhamer. Trout were start­ing to feed with more en­thu­si­asm as wa­ter tem­per­a­tures dropped and im­proved grayling fish­ing was an­tic­i­pated, but sal­mon fish­ing would only come good when some se­ri­ous rain ar­rived. On the Tor­ridge there were two spates of 18in on Au­gust 11 and 16 but the rises were not enough to get the sal­mon mov­ing. A few per­sis­tent an­glers went out at night for sea-trout, in­clud­ing Mar­tin Weeks, who had fish of 3lb and 1lb at Brim­ble­combe. Jeff Grant had a 3lb sea-trout at Madeira and two school peal were caught on the Half Moon wa­ter at Beam. Brown trout fish­ing had been at a vir­tual stand­still for many weeks but in late Au­gust fish were be­gin­ning to rise again. On the Taw the small amount of rain was in­suf­fi­cient to have any im­pact and there was an­other month of lit­tle ac­tiv­ity, with time run­ning out for some ac­tion be­fore the end of the sea­son. When con­di­tions per­mit­ted, an­glers caught a few brown trout at the Fox & Hounds. A small spate in mi­dau­gust re­sulted in two sal­mon be­ing caught on the Tavy below Tav­i­s­tock by mem­bers of the Tavy, Walkham & Plym Fish­ing Club, with a fish of 10lb and a small grilse taken on spin­ners. There was a small run of sea-trout and a few school peal were caught at night. One mem­ber found the Tavy too coloured when he ar­rived, so he moved to the club wa­ter on the Plym and caught two small sal­mon from the stretch be­tween Bick­leigh and Shaugh. On July 30 there was just enough rain to bring up the Teign by 4in but it was gone within a day. How­ever, it was just enough to get a few fish mov­ing on the Lower Teign Fish­ing As­so­ci­a­tion wa­ters and on July 31 Jeff Shar­land caught three fresh sal­mon of 9lb, 6lb and 5lb. He fished for un­der two hours and caught a sal­mon in each of the three spots that he fished. The same pe­riod pro­duced a sal­mon of 5lb and two school peal on the same day for Brian Parry. The school peal pro­vided some good fish­ing in early Au­gust, when Neil Ye­an­dle had five on Au­gust 2 and Robert Dadd also had five on an­other night. Paul For­shaw, John Stain­forth and Eddy Gray also re­ported suc­cess with the school peal and Eddy had 4lb sea-trout. The Up­per Teign re­mained des­per­ately low and few an­glers fished on the Up­per Teign Fish­ing As­so­ci­a­tion wa­ters. How­ever, Gary Clark had an in­ter­est­ing evening on Au­gust 17 below Fin­gle Bridge after rain raised the level slightly. After catch­ing around a dozen brown­ies up to 12in on an Elk Hair Cad­dis, he hooked a sea-trout of about 2lb which gave a great fight on his 4WT rod. The very slow sal­mon fish­ing on the Exe con­tin­ued with few an­glers on the river but Tim Read caught a 6lb sal­mon on fly near Bick­leigh on Au­gust 19. Brown trout fish­ing on the Lit­tle Exe, Had­deo and Barle was sur­pris­ingly good for mem­bers of the Dul­ver­ton An­gling As­so­ci­a­tion. In spite of the very low wa­ter small dry flies fished with great care pro­duced catches of browns up to 12in. On the South West Lakes Trust Fish­eries, rain and a fall in tem­per­a­tures in Au­gust re­sulted in cooler wa­ter, higher lev­els and trout com­ing back on the feed. While boat an­glers en­joyed the most con­sis­tent sport at Ken­nick, fish­ing the deeper wa­ter in the mid­dle of the reser­voir and Clampitts Bay, bank an­glers did catch fish at The Nar­rows, Clampitts Bay, Smitha­cott and For­est Bay. Boo­bies, Blobs and Tad­poles fished on sink­ing lines ac­counted for most of the catches, al­though some fish were caught on nymphs

fished on in­ter­me­di­ate lines and a few were tempted to the sur­face to take Daddy Lon­glegs and Claret Snaf­flers. The best fish was a 4lb brown trout for Mr Bes­ley, fish­ing from the bank, and M Close caught a 3lb 7oz rain­bow from a boat on a float­ing line. Catches picked up at Bur­ra­tor as Au­gust con­di­tions started to cool, with the wa­ter off Long­stone pro­duc­ing for both boat and bank an­glers. Boats also did well when fish­ing the wa­ter be­tween the two dams. With a lot of small midges on the wa­ter, small black dry pat­terns caught some rain­bows, al­though sink­ing line tech­niques fish­ing the cooler deeper wa­ter pro­duced the most con­sis­tent re­sults. Wa­ter lev­els were fairly low at around 40 per cent at the time of writ­ing, open­ing up more ac­ces­si­ble banks to shore an­glers. At Fern­wor­thy, dry pat­terns like Sedge­hogs and Black Gnats caught a few brown trout, but most fish were caught on wet flies and nymphs. The fish were well spread out with an­glers catch­ing bags of four to five browns up to 1lb 8oz from the banks along the north shore, by the per­mit hut and at the top end. Fish­ing at Road­ford im­proved with very good catches, par­tic­u­larly from boats when fish­ing over the boils us­ing a fast-sink­ing line. Other notable lo­ca­tions in­cluded Davey’s Bank, Wortha, Shop Bay and Goodacre. Few fish were caught on dry flies, but Damsel Nymphs, Buzzers and Black Tad­poles fished on a float­ing line pro­duced ex­cel­lent re­sults. Dean Boucher caught six browns to 1lb 4oz on Tad­poles and Soldier Palmers on a float­ing line in wet and windy con­di­tions. Andy Bir­kett en­joyed two days in a boat, catch­ing 12 browns to 3lb over the boils, while Dun­can Kier caught nine browns to 2lb fish­ing from a boat us­ing a Squinky. Steve Gil­bert caught the fish of the month, a brown of 4lb 6oz MIKE

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