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DE­SPITE SOME heavy rain, river lev­els have shown a marked re­luc­tance to co-op­er­ate. The Seiont has in the last three months only risen once to the red spin­ning level, and to en­tice the sal­mon from the Straits we need a bank-high flood. The old say­ing here is that we need three Au­gust floods to get them run­ning. No hope this year I’m afraid, like­wise there are very few try­ing their luck. Some sea-trout are be­ing caught, but noth­ing to re­flect the num­bers which were seen run­ning in the low wa­ter over the past three months. Sal­mon are still show­ing in good num­bers to­wards the mid­dle of the Me­nai Straits, this is com­mon at times of low wa­ter. The Llyfni, again has not had a good flood. Be­ing a much smaller river with easy ac­cess, each small rise in wa­ter has seen sea trout run­ning in good num­bers. Those be­ing caught are 1lb-1lb 8oz but some good shoals of much larger fish are build­ing up in the sea pool. There are very good num­bers of both sal­mon and sea trout show­ing in the Caernar­fon Bay from Aberde­sach to the Llyfni. The Gwyrfai with Cwellyn Lake (which is the favoured wa­ter sup­ply reser­voir of Welsh Wa­ter) as its head­wa­ter has been quite se­verely af­fected by the dry weather. Wa­ter ab­strac­tion from the wa­ter treat­ment plant at Betws Gar­mon has been prob­a­bly an all-time high for the plant’s life­span. Con­voys of large tankers have been go­ing to and from the plant day and night. One thing is cer­tain the river hasn’t risen an inch. The lack of sport on our rivers has been com­pen­sated by the ex­cel­lent lake fish­ing. Padarn has been re­ally good this year – at long last charr are fea­tur­ing reg­u­larly in catches. The pro­posed re-align­ment of Afon y Bala to in­cor­po­rate new charr spawn­ing ar­eas has still not started, due to what I hear is the de­lay in trans­fer­ring the land re­quired to the power com­pany who will be car­ry­ing out the work. If this work is fur­ther de­layed then more than likely it will be 2019 or later when this ur­gent work is car­ried out. Nantlle as usual is do­ing very well with the qual­ity of brown­ies ex­cel­lent. I’ve had no re­ports of any mi­gra­tory fish so far. Cwellyn is do­ing quite well con­sid­er­ing the draw­ing down of its wa­ter level. The boats have been high and dry, but bank fish­ing re­mains pro­duc­tive. This week’s rain should see lev­els re­spond a lit­tle. Dy­warchen, de­spite its reg­u­lar stocking, has been slow, un­til this week (Au­gust 19) on­wards with the tem­per­a­ture drop­ping a few de­grees. The fish are re­spond­ing and it could be well worth a visit now -

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