Tie the Wil­lie Gunn Tem­ple­dog

Fol­low Stu­art Fox­all’s step-by-step dress­ing

Trout & Salmon (UK) - - Salmon Lessons -


Wind the oval gold tin­sel up through the hackle turns, lock­ing them in place. Se­cure the loose end then re­move the waste tin­sel and hackle stem. 7

Hav­ing com­pleted the tag with the yel­low floss, catch in a tail of yel­low Flu­oro Fi­bre. Catch in a strand of dyed-black os­trich herl and wind on a few touch­ing turns. 2

Take hold of the badger hackle by its base then wind it over both sec­tions of the body in evenly spaced turns. When wound, se­cure the base of the hackle stem with ty­ing thread. 6

Fix the plas­tic tube on the tube mount then run on the ty­ing thread. Ap­ply turns of lead foil at the front, then wind on a tag of oval gold tin­sel at the rear. Catch in a length of yel­low Glo-brite floss and ap­ply close turns. 1

3 With the herl butt in place se­cure the loose end and trim off the waste. Take a length of holo­graphic tin­sel or braid and length of oval gold tin­sel and catch them in im­me­di­ately in front of the os­trich.

5 In­set: Wind touch­ing turns of the gold tin­sel up to the lead wire then se­cure and re­move the loose end. Ap­ply a pinch of black dub­bing. Main pic­ture: Wind the dub­bing in close turns to form the front half of the body. Leave space at the front of the tube.

8 Take a slim bunch of or­ange fox and catch it in so that it projects over the front of the tube, then add in a few lengths of gold An­gel Hair.

Se­lect a dyed-yel­low badger hackle and pre­pare it by stroking the fi­bres back from its tip. Catch the hackle in by its tip, then wind the thread up to the lead foil. 4

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