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Streamer fish­ing at dis­tance with a sunk line re­quires a strong hook set. Use a side­ways strip-strike. Pull hard with the line hand as if per­form­ing a dou­ble-haul cast and move the butt of the rod di­rectly away from the fish. You are aim­ing to sep­a­rate your hands as far as pos­si­ble from each other. Ro­tat­ing your shoul­ders adds fur­ther mo­tion to the strike. Strik­ing side­ways trans­mits more force to the hook be­cause you are not rip­ping the line free from the sur­face ten­sion, wast­ing en­ergy that could be used to set the hook. “Strik­ing with the butt” ap­plies far more power to the hook set than a wristy flip of the rod tip. Use re­ally strong hooks and lead­ers for this method.

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