Three ways to a hap­pier, health­ier dog

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Dogs are very clever and highly so­cial an­i­mals who en­joy the com­pany of hu­mans just as much, if not more, than other dogs. They need a lov­ing home with plenty of in­ter­ac­tion. When they play with us it’s a bond­ing game, whereas when they play with other dogs it’s to com­pete. Be­cause they get so at­tached to us, they don’t like be­ing left alone un­less they have been trained to ac­cept some pe­ri­ods of time on their own, so keep your dog com­pany or find a good dog buddy.


Try dif­fer­ent types of play to see what your dog likes – it could be tug of war with toys like rag­gers and rub­ber rings; chase and re­trieve with balls; hide and seek with peo­ple, toys or food; or pounce and shake with squeaky toys. Swap toys ev­ery few days to spark their in­ter­est and aim for fre­quent daily five-minute ses­sions at home or out on walks. Stop while your dog is still en­joy­ing play­time and tidy away toys af­ter­wards.


Much like hu­mans, some dogs love be­ing groomed – oth­ers less so! Do­ing it at least once a week stim­u­lates nat­u­ral oil pro­duc­tion for a glossy coat. Brush their teeth daily with doggy tooth­paste. Un­less you’re con­fi­dent at clip­ping, a pro­fes­sional dog groomer is the best op­tion. Re­mem­ber an­nual health checks and to keep up with worm­ing and flea treat­ments – a healthy dog is a happy dog!


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