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ick Til­s­ley said he was happy to be a dad to Leanne’s baby when he thought the fa­ther was some ran­dom bloke she met on a night out. But now he knows that Steve Mc­don­ald is the cul­prit, he’s changed his tune.

Sim­mer­ing with anger af­ter find­ing out the truth, Nick tells Steve he wants to dis­cuss the Bistro take­away ser­vice and ends up driv­ing him to a patch of waste­land – al­ways a bad sign in soa­p­land.

‘Know­ing it’s Steve changes things,’ says Ben Price, who plays Nick. ‘He’s known Steve his whole life and lives across the street. It

Nmakes the whole sit­u­a­tion much more dif­fi­cult now.’ As the men row, Steve tries to pla­cate Nick, swear­ing blind that he wants noth­ing to do with the child as he means to de­vote him­self to Michelle and their baby.

Back in Weather­field, Leanne calls in at the Rovers look­ing for Nick and is puz­zled when she hears that he headed off with Steve in the car. Mean­while, over on the waste ground, Nick writes a text to Michelle re­veal­ing the truth and says he will press ‘send’ if Steve doesn’t prom­ise to move away.

Adds Ben: ‘Nick has gone through so much with his brain in­jury, los­ing the busi­ness and the whole thing with Carla, he feels he hasn’t got that much to lose.’

When Steve re­fuses to leave the cob­bles for a new life else­where, Nick makes good on his threat and sends the text to Michelle.

Leanne sees it be­fore Michelle and swiftly snaf­fles the phone. When it then rings in her pocket,

Nick threat­ens to tell Michelle that Steve fa­thered Leanne’s baby…

she’s forced to hand it over and look on in hor­ror as the Rovers’ land­lady reads the in­crim­i­nat­ing text.

Steve is fu­ri­ous and ac­cuses Nick of ru­in­ing his life. Nick hits back by declar­ing that he wants his name on the child’s birth cer­tifi­cate.

‘Nick be­lieves Steve doesn’t want any­thing to do with the baby, but who knows what might hap­pen in a few years’ time?’ re­veals Ben. ‘He only has to see the baby and it could all change. If Steve keeps out of the way, there will be no prob­lems.’

Will Steve share Nick’s vi­sion of their fu­ture – and how is Michelle go­ing to re­act to the rev­e­la­tion?

In the wilds on the edge of town, Nick backs Steve into a cor­ner

Leanne tries to hide the text that sends Michelle’s world crash­ing down

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