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Kerry lashes out when she finds out about Ni­cola and Dan’s kiss

erry Wy­att is many things but, first and fore­most, she’s a woman you wouldn’t want to cross, and that surely must have played on Dan’s mind as he fool­ishly canoo­dled with Ni­cola dur­ing their steamy physio ses­sions. Now, the cheat­ing pair are about to face the mu­sic when El­liot re­veals that he saw them snog­ging.

Dan and Ni­cola try to pre­vent the lad from blow­ing their se­cret, by say­ing that what he wit­nessed was ac­tu­ally mouth-to-mouth re­sus­ci­ta­tion. Al­though he ap­pears to ac­cept this, he comes out with the truth in the mid­dle of The Wool­pack.

‘Dan is gut­ted,’ says Liam Fox, who plays him. ‘He feels so em­bar­rassed. He blames him­self and

Kre­grets all that has hap­pened with Ni­cola. He doesn’t want to lose Kerry.’

In a des­per­ate bid to save the del­i­cate parts of his anatomy, Dan lies that Ni­cola made all the moves, so Kerry gives her a ring­ing slap. She wants to punch her, too, but can’t bring her­self to lamp a dis­abled per­son.

Mean­while, Ni­cola tells Jimmy that it hap­pened be­cause she felt like his pa­tient rather than his wife. Hell-bent on re­venge, Kerry tries to kiss Jimmy in the pub and storms out when he dodges her ad­vances.

She then si­dles up to Ross and asks him to take her into town. Be­fore you can say ‘fas­ten your seat­belt’ Kerry is all over Ross, who sees it as an op­por­tu­nity to win his bet with

Pete over who can pull a bird first.

After­wards, Kerry is mor­ti­fied and can’t be­lieve she was part of a bet, while Pete quickly re­alises she’s the one Ross slept with and tries to wind him up in front of Dan.

Kerry con­fides in Ber­nice, who warns her that the truth has a habit of com­ing out. Doesn’t it just!

Says Liam: ‘Dan would be gut­ted if he found out. He’d see it as the ul­ti­mate be­trayal.’

Later, Kerry and Dan make up and agree to stick with each other. What will hap­pen when he finds out her lat­est naughty se­cret?

Rag­ing Kerry piles in­sult on Ni­cola’s re­cent in­juries

As Jimmy deals with the fall­out, Kerry waits for her mo­ment

Sure bet: Ross uses ea­ger Kerry to beat Pete

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