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here must be some­thing in the vil­lage wa­ter sup­ply this week be­cause ev­ery­one is at it. Moira has spurned brother-in­law James’s ad­vances for years but, feel­ing at a par­tic­u­larly low ebb, she goes in for a pas­sion­ate kiss.

The feisty farmer is in the dol­drums about her mar­riage end­ing and is knocked for six when busi­ness part­ner James pulls out of But­ler’s Farm, ask­ing for his in­vest­ment back so that he

Tand wife Emma can buy nearby Wi­ley’s Farm to­gether.

‘Things are go­ing well be­tween Emma and James,’ says Bill Ward, who plays James. ‘Emma has some money from her dad, but they need more as Wi­ley’s is ex­pen­sive.’

James and Moira bor­row one of the Bar­tons’ cabs to go and speak to solic­i­tors about sell­ing his share of the farm, but on the way there, they stop to res­cue a don­key on a coun­try road, as you do.

Moira opens up to James and gets up­set as she com­plains that every­body al­ways leaves her. When James com­forts her out­side the cab, she goes in for a kiss.

Says Bill: ‘He hes­i­tates for a sec­ond, but then thinks, “Why not?” and de­cides to live for the mo­ment.’ It could be a move he lives to re­gret, as Moira leaves her bra in the back of the taxi af­ter their fum­ble and Pete finds it. Ross cov­ers, say­ing it be­longs to the girl he copped off with, but he works out that Moira and James got it on in the back seat.

‘James is ter­ri­fied that Emma will find out,’ says Bill.

Will Ross keep his mouth shut?

Moira and James have a steamy en­counter in a coun­try lane

James and Moira have been close for don­key’s years, but now their ‘tail’ takes a new twist

How em-bra-ass­ing: Pete’s dis­cov­ery leaves Ross cov­er­ing for his dad

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