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eth Tin­ker has made up story af­ter story about her lad’s dad, Dar­ryl. One minute he was a stunt­man, the next a drunk, but Craigy fi­nally learns the truth about his fa­ther when he comes face-to­face with him dur­ing a prison visit.

They share the same flam­ing red hair, but that’s about it. Dar­ryl,

Bplayed by for­mer Emmerdale star Paul Loughran, has been in and out of jail more times than Craig has been in and out of the ke­bab shop.

‘Craig has al­ways been in the dark about his dad,’ ex­plains Col­son Smith, who plays the ne’erdo-well’s long-lost son. ‘Craig and Beth aren’t speak­ing be­cause he feels be­trayed by her. He thinks she should have told him the truth about Dar­ryl a long time ago.’

Des­per­ate to make amends, Beth goes to the po­lice sta­tion and asks them to re­con­sider her son’s ap­pli­ca­tion to join the force. But they soon fall out again when she finds out that Faye has writ­ten to Dar­ryl be­hind ev­ery­one’s back. A let­ter soon ar­rives from the jail­bird, say­ing he would love to see his son.

Beth bans Craig from see­ing his dad and he agrees to abide by her wishes. He rips up

Dar­ryl’s let­ter, but then has a change of heart and de­cides to show up at the prison af­ter all.

In a state of emo­tional tur­moil, the lad turns to booze and throws up all over Sally’s car­pet. The snobby coun­cil­lor is so cross that she chucks him and his pet rat out.

When Kirk finds Craig wait­ing for a bus to take him to the prison, he tries to talk his step­son out of go­ing, but the lad ig­nores him and heads off to see his real dad.

Adds Col­son: ‘To be­gin with they get on re­ally well, and there’s a real fa­ther/son bond there, but then Dar­ryl asks Craig to smug­gle drugs into the prison when he next vis­its him and he re­alises that his mum was right all along. Dar­ryl then drops a bomb­shell that will shat­ter the re­la­tion­ship be­tween Craig and Beth.’

What has he told him?

Craig fi­nally meets his dad, Dar­ryl, but it’s not a happy fam­ily re­u­nion

Tinkers’ curse: Dar­ryl re­veals a se­cret that shat­ters his son

Beth’s de­ceit risks los­ing her both Craig and Kirk

Sally chucks Craig out af­ter he throws up on her car­pet

Dar­ryl drops a bomb­shell that will shat­ter Craig

and Beth’s re­la­tion­ship

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