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Gra­ham Nor­ton has taken the dust sheet off his sofa and poured him­self a large glass of wine for the re­turn this week of The Gra­ham Nor­ton Show.

Hav­ing been a chat show host for nearly two decades – his C4 se­ries So Gra­ham Nor­ton started in 1998 – Gra­ham, 53, knows what it takes to keep the con­ver­sa­tion lively and com­pet­i­tive A-list egos happy.

TV Times sat the wise and witty one in his swivel chair to ask ex­actly what’s needed to make the very best chat show host. He tells us why em­pa­thy’s not such a big deal, how TV stars shouldn’t dress like the Bri­tain’s Got Ta­lent judges, and which other chat show host gets it just right… ‘Things have changed over the years and now I feel you don’t want a TV host who’s hard to look at. You don’t have to be a beauty, but if they’re phys­i­cally re­pul­sive, that makes it harder – I can think of some who were less than easy on the eye.

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