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An­thony Hop­kins on play­ing an­other mega­lo­ma­niac in an all-star TV re­make of clas­sic Sev­en­ties movie West­world


What can you tell us about your char­ac­ter, Dr Ford?

Do you re­mem­ber Juras­sic

[Michael Crich­ton, who wrote it, also di­rected the 1973 movie the Richard At­ten­bor­ough guy? I play that kind of man. Ford has built West­world and all these ro­bots.

He’s a con­trol freak on a mas­sive scale – he wants to per­fect ev­ery­thing. Which means he’s mad. I of­ten get to play these very strange characters who are al­ways in con­trol. That’s com­pletely against my na­ture. What did the role in­volve?

I had to learn a lot of di­a­logue, but I en­joy that. I love learn­ing a long script – it keeps my brain cells ac­tive. In this show, what I mostly do is talk a lot – a lot of high­fa­lutin stuff about the bi­cam­eral

[hav­ing two cham­bers] mind. in this god­dam thing?’ And they said they weren’t go­ing to tell me. I had no idea what was hap­pen­ing, they didn’t tell me about the arc at all. I didn’t know much about the other characters, ei­ther, and what was hap­pen­ing to them – there were some big sur­prises. Then I thought, ‘Well, this is in­ter­est­ing’. I en­joyed not know­ing.

What is it about you that leads you to be cast in these very con­trolled roles?

I have no idea. Maybe it’s cold­ness, maybe it’s the blank stare. But I’ve never been in­ter­ested in con­trol my­self. I think most of our pain comes from try­ing to con­trol or dom­i­nate other peo­ple. How do you feel about the ad­vance­ment of tech­nol­ogy? Is ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence part of our future?

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