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ooks like Phe­lan is go­ing to rue the day he asked Eileen to be his ‘con­cepts ex­ec­u­tive’. He thought she’d be out of the way, look­ing at scat­ter cush­ions, but she’s still much too close for com­fort – so close, in fact, that she sus­pects there’s some­thing a bit fishy about his and Vinny’s new flats.

Eileen loves her flashysound­ing new job, so much so that, at the start of the week, she re­signs from Street­cars.

‘She thinks she’s fi­nally found her role in life, and no longer has time for ar­gu­ments over bis­cuits,’ says Sue Cleaver, who plays her.

Vinny’s in a foul mood when she blows a pile of cash from the busi­ness

Lac­count on posh tiles, and when she then tells him how she’s throw­ing her­self into the project full time, he’s pos­i­tively fum­ing. He fears the po­ten­tial reper­cus­sions, and with good rea­son. Eileen’s no fool, as she proves when Tim later tells her he dropped Vinny off at a casino and she de­cides to fol­low him there. Eileen sees that Vinny’s a dou­ble dealer

Phe­lan tips off his mate and, when Eileen ar­rives on the scene, Vinny hides some fake pass­ports he’s ac­quired from a dodgy con­tact. But when he then lies that he was meet­ing a man who’s in­ter­ested in the ‘Lake View’ apart­ment, she’s rat­tled, be­cause Rita has al­ready signed a con­tract for that very flat.

Adds Sue: ‘She’s fu­ri­ous that one of her friends could be caught up in some­thing not quite right.’ Eileen de­mands an­swers about the twice-sold prop­erty, but Phe­lan in­sists it’s a well­prac­tised sales tech­nique, and woos her with a ro­man­tic meal. Mean­while, he reassures Vinny that they’ll soon be on a beach, en­joy­ing their new-found wealth.

Is he right? Or will

Eileen be savvy enough to un­cover the con?

Eileen starts to get sus­pi­cious about Vinny and Phe­lan’s prop­erty scam

Our hero: Steve and Tim are united about Tommy

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