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Cain tells Char­ity he’ll quit the vil­lage for France with her

aving turned flir­ta­tion into an Olympic sport, Char­ity has fi­nally bagged her man. But, while we would ex­pect her to spend the next few weeks/months /years boast­ing about it, she makes a move that is com­pletely out of char­ac­ter by an­nounc­ing that she’s leav­ing Emmerdale and mov­ing to France.

It all starts to un­ravel for the feisty pub land­lady when she asks her son, Noah, why Cain was up at But­ler’s Farm. He can’t be­lieve that, yet again, she is only think­ing of her­self, and de­clares that Moira was a bet­ter mother to him than she has ever been. Ouch.

‘Char­ity is very in­se­cure, but hides it with bravado,’ says Emma

HAtkins, who plays her. ‘Moira is all that Char­ity isn’t and she’s start­ing to feel that while she’s around, she can’t move on. She’s feel­ing very un­sta­ble at the mo­ment.’

Char­ity’s mood dips even fur­ther when she calls Deb­bie and dis­cov­ers that she plans to stay across the Chan­nel per­ma­nently. Adds Emma: ‘Char­ity is re­ally up­set as she misses her girl. How­ever, she un­der­stands be­cause it is ex­actly the sort of thing she might do her­self.’

Char­ity breaks the news about Deb­bie to Zak, then steels her­self to tell Cain. Deb­bie has been un­able to get in touch with him and Char­ity knows that he’s not go­ing to take the news well. She takes a deep breath, blurts it out and is an­gry when he then trashes the garage in a tem­per.

Char­ity walks off, but Cain finds her in the pub where he rages a bit more and slams her against the wall. She re­marks that it’s lit­tle won­der no­body tells him any­thing when this is how he be­haves.

Says Emma: ‘Char­ity de­cides to cut her losses and go to France to be with Deb­bie. When she breaks the news to Cain dur­ing a heart-to-heart, he says he will go with her. She’s de­lighted, but first he has to break the news to Moira and, deep down, Char­ity wor­ries that he might re­alise he still loves her.’

How will Moira re­act to her ex-hus­band’s shock an­nounce­ment?

Gemma Atkin­son

Will the kiss­ing cousins start afresh in France?

Cain is rough with Char­ity and Noah is rude

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