‘David is on a mis­sion to kill’

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Coronation Street’s David Platt has been on au­topi­lot since wife Kylie died in his arms on the cob­bles, and feels as if he will never get over the loss of his beloved soul­mate. For­tu­nately, Jack P Shep­herd is on top form as he chats to TV Times about his al­ter-ego’s strug­gle – but he hasn’t al­ways felt so chip­per.

The 28-year-old ad­mits that dur­ing the two weeks he and co-star Paula Lane filmed Kylie’s heart-wrench­ing demise, they both dug so deeply into their own emo­tions that they were left shat­tered by the ex­pe­ri­ence.

‘We re­ally took it home with us,’ re­veals Jack. ‘We couldn’t sleep or eat and both of us lost weight. Ev­ery­one kept say­ing that when I turned to the side, you could see through me be­cause I had nowt to lose in the first place.

‘The scenes with Paula were the most dra­matic and emo­tional thing I’ve ever done – not just in act­ing, but ever. When I got home af­ter film­ing, I couldn’t speak to anyone. It was weird, be­cause I felt the loss, but no­body had ac­tu­ally died.’

It was tough for Jack’s fi­ancée Lau­ren Shippey, too, and their chil­dren – seven-year-old daugh­ter

Nyla and son Reuben, aged two. Kylie’s death has David plot­ting re­venge

Adds Jack: ‘Lau­ren was tread­ing on eggshells. She just wanted to say, “Get a grip!” She’d never seen me like that be­fore. When she watched the scenes later, she re­alised why I was like that.’

Jack is now back to his cheeky self, but David is strug­gling to cope with his grief and this week plots to kill Kylie’s mur­derer Clay­ton. ‘David has lost it,’ says

Jack. ‘He’s on a mis­sion to kill Clay­ton be­cause his de­fence are go­ing for man­slaugh­ter and he can’t risk him be­ing out in five years.

‘David’s done a recce of the court to see if he can smug­gle a weapon in, but that’s not pos­si­ble. So he’s come up with an­other idea...’

The plan will be ex­e­cuted next week when ITV hosts a spe­cial Su­per Soap Week with both Emmerdale and Coronation Street screen­ing some high-stakes drama.

‘When I first heard about the sto­ry­line, I wasn’t over the moon with it as I’m not a big fan of any­thing that in­volves stunts,’ says Jack. ‘I pre­fer the di­a­logue and drama of a con­ver­sa­tion be­tween two peo­ple, but it has been done ex­cep­tion­ally well and I think au­di­ences will re­ally en­joy it.’

Will it reach the emo­tional heights of Kylie’s death scene?

‘Noth­ing is go­ing to top that,’ laughs Jack. ‘That was the peak and it is all down­hill from now!

‘I was re­ally proud of what Paula and I did. We wanted to touch peo­ple and that is what we did.’

Jack con­fesses that he hasn’t had time to miss Paula, and al­most feels as if she is still there be­cause Kylie is talked about such a lot.

‘At the minute I don’t miss her be­cause she’s be­ing spo­ken about and there’s lots of drama go­ing on. I think it will feel weird when we are do­ing ev­ery­day nor­mal Platt scenes, like ev­ery­one sit­ting down for break­fast and hav­ing a laugh.’

Paula left the show in July to have her sec­ond child, Penny Grace, but Jack hasn’t seen the baby yet as a cri­sis with his own kids meant he had to can­cel plans to visit.

‘We were go­ing to see them, but Reuben ac­ci­den­tally tore


Cor­rie star talks to about the toll Kylie’s death took on him both on and off screen

cornea. He was hav­ing his nappy changed, waved his arm and caught her eye,’ he ex­plains.

‘But we’ve sched­uled a week­end away this month with both our fam­i­lies, which will be nice.’

Jack has been in Cor­rie since 2000 and he has no plans to leave the soap just yet.

‘I have al­ways said that

I will stay here as long as I’m get­ting sto­ries, and I’ve had a re­ally good cou­ple of years. I like what I’m do­ing,’ he says. ‘I would go out of my mind if I were just go­ing into Roy’s Rolls for a ba­con barm; I couldn’t do that. As long as

I’m get­ting these dra­matic sto­ries,

I will stay.’

David has

Man on a mis­sion: David has just one thing in mind

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