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David gets into gear to see off Kylie’s killer, Clay­ton

t’s un­hinged David at full throt­tle this week, as he plots to make vi­o­lent thug Clay­ton pay the ultimate price for mur­der­ing his wife. He’ll stop at noth­ing to get jus­tice – even if it means los­ing his own life in the process.

‘David made two prom­ises to Kylie,’ ex­plains Jack P Shep­herd, who plays the griev­ing hair­dresser. ‘He promised he would look af­ter the kids and bring them up well, but he also vowed re­venge on the peo­ple who mur­dered her. David be­lieves he’s not breaking ei­ther prom­ise be­cause the chil­dren will be looked af­ter by Gail and Nick. So, for him, it’s win-win.’

His plan starts to take shape when he bolts out of the salon – leav­ing a cus­tomer mi­dap­point­ment – and heads to the

Icourt where Clay­ton is due to stand trial next week. His men­tal cogs turn as he watches a prison van pull up.

Back home, Gail’s be­mused as an up­beat David makes tea and plays games with Max and

Lily, and she later asks her son where he’s been dis­ap­pear­ing to.

David cov­ers and, con­fi­dent he’s got her off his back, he bor­rows Nick’s car and re­turns to the court. There, he fine­tunes his plan, be­fore head­ing to the garage and mak­ing Ty­rone, Fred­die and Luke an of­fer they can’t refuse.

Gail is livid with David when she gets a call from the school to say that Max has wet him­self – she thinks it’s about time David fo­cused on the kids. She fi­nally dis­cov­ers the chill­ing truth be­hind his be­hav­iour when she opens his lap­top and finds a ‘farewell’ video on it.

Can she and the rest of the fam­ily stop David in his tracks be­fore it’s too late? Just when it looked like Sarah and Gary were go­ing to be­come Weather­field’s new­est cou­ple and we’d have to start call­ing them ‘Sary’, the sin­gle mum finds Bethany’s diet pills and, sud­denly, ev­ery­thing changes. As the teenager ad­mits she took the med­i­ca­tion de­spite Gary warn­ing her not to, Sarah’s ap­palled to re­alise that her po­ten­tial new boyfriend knew what was go­ing on, and rails at him for keep­ing her in the dark. Later, Izzy can’t help notic­ing when Sarah gives Gary the cold shoul­der and, af­ter he ex­plains to his ex what’s hap­pened, she cor­ners Sarah and puts in a good word for the gin­ger gym man­ager. As she stresses that he did what he did with the best of in­ten­tions, can Sarah bring her­self to for­give and for­get?

Road rage: Will David take his own life and a deadly re­venge?

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