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Steve tells Michelle their un­born child could have a ge­netic con­di­tion

ust when it seemed

Steve Mcdon­ald’s life couldn’t get any more complicated, he dis­cov­ers that his dad Jim has a ge­netic con­di­tion called My­otonic Dys­tro­phy, so he does.

And that means Steve could have it, too, as could his daugh­ter Amy, the future mini-mcdon­ald that Michelle’s ex­pect­ing, and the se­cret nip­per he’s hav­ing with Leanne. No won­der he looks like he needs a pint or 10.

Steve is given the bad news in a phone call from Jim, who’s still locked up in Weather­field Prison (so he is). He keeps quiet ini­tially, but fi­nally plucks up the courage to tell Michelle af­ter their first baby scan.

‘He sees the pic­tures of the baby and how formed it is al­ready, and gets re­ally emo­tional,’ re­veals Si­mon Greg­son, who plays the wor­ried fa­ther-to-be. ‘That’s when it hits home that this baby could have the dis­ease.’

Michelle’s in tur­moil as she and

JSteve dis­cuss the im­pli­ca­tions with nurse Rana. Still, at least she has her new BFF to lean on. Yep, she un­bur­dens her­self on Leanne, who tries to mask her hor­ror as Shell re­veals there’s a 50 per cent chance that Steve may test pos­i­tive for the mus­cu­lar dis­or­der.

As Steve puts Liz in the pic­ture, Leanne tells all to Nick, who calls Steve round to the flat and or­ders him to get tested, pronto.

Adds Si­mon: ‘The fact that a) they know, with­out him hav­ing de­cided to tell them and b) he’s been sum­moned there so they can tell him what to do, causes Steve to lose it. He’s un­der so much pres­sure and he’s just a guy who’s go­ing to snap at any mo­ment.’

Steve be­ing Steve, he de­cides the ‘bury­ing head in sand’ ap­proach is a much bet­ter idea, and he tells Michelle he’s not hav­ing the test. Nick and Leanne, mean­while, seek fur­ther in­for­ma­tion about MD from Rana, who as­sumes they’re af­ter the low­down on their neigh­bours’ predica­ment. Steve shares his worst fears with Michelle

When Steve re­fuses to budge, Leanne runs out of pa­tience and comes up with a clever plan.

Ex­plains Si­mon: ‘She makes sure Tracy finds out, be­cause she knows Tracy will go in all guns blaz­ing and force Steve to have the test, for Amy’s sake.’

It works a treat, and Steve tells Michelle he’ll get tested af­ter all. How will the re­sults af­fect his ef­forts to keep his big se­cret?

Cap­tion here please ADD TO AR­TI­CLE if used on page …as Leanne and Nick both want an­swers

The fa­ther of two is dou­bly wor­ried…

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