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There’s mis­ery in store for James as bit­ter Emma holds him hostage

mma Bar­ton is clearly fa­mil­iar with Stephen King nov­els, as her plot to hold James hostage in re­venge for him mak­ing out with mucky Moira is straight out of his best­seller, Mis­ery.

The nutty nurse goes all An­nie Wilkes just at the point she thinks her life is sorted. She’s bagged her man and they’ve fi­nally moved into Wylie’s Farm. She’s thrilled – and James is happy enough, too.

‘He’s re­ally look­ing for­ward to hav­ing this fresh start,’ says

Bill Ward, who plays him. ‘He’s al­ways loved both Moira and

EEmma, but now that he knows Moira isn’t in­ter­ested, he’s happy to move on with Emma.’

But then Emma over­hears

Ross chal­leng­ing his dad over the fact that he very re­cently told Moira he loved her. As Emma re­alises she’s been be­trayed, the men have a tus­sle and James falls down the stairs and breaks his leg.

Emma’s fury grows when she catches James at the hos­pi­tal, re­as­sur­ing Moira that he’ll keep quiet about their steamy ses­sion in the back of a cab. She masks her anger and sweetly tells him she’ll be car­ing for him at home.

Up at Wylie’s, Emma digs out her old wed­ding dress and asks James to do some plan­ning for their big day. He’s not ex­actly en­thu­si­as­tic, and Emma’s heart breaks when she hears him call­ing Moira on the phone. She brings him some home-made ap­ple pie, which makes him feel de­cid­edly groggy. He has a fu­neral to go to and is wor­ried he will miss it.

Emma as­sures him that she’ll wake him in time, but James then over­hears her telling Pete that he’s asleep and won’t make the ser­vice. He’s un­easy, and his fears es­ca­late when Emma re­fuses to pass him his phone. The penny re­ally drops, though, when he gives the cat his left­overs and sees the ef­fect the food has on the poor moggy.

Adds Bill: ‘In a piece of bad luck, he then breaks his leg again and is in ter­ri­ble shape. Emma or­ders him to go up­stairs and wait for the am­bu­lance.’

But when he sees her from the win­dow, she’s crush­ing his phone and he re­alises he’s locked in. Know­ing he’s in se­ri­ous trou­ble, he finds a spare key and plots his es­cape. Will he get away? In­jured James pays for his fum­ble with Moira when he’s brought down by hum­ble pie

Matthew Wolfenden

Danny Miller

Emma over­hears her man promis­ing Moira he’ll keep their se­cret

Ten­sions rise as Emma’s plot takes shape

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