Dead end?

His car is doused in petrol and he’s doused in petrol, and he’s go­ing to whip out his lighter…

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David puts his plan to kill Clayton into ac­tion – only to find his fam­ily have laid a trap to try and stop him…

witch off your phone, ig­nore the front door and park your pos­te­rior on the sofa. It’s Su­per Soap Week on ITV, and both

Cor­rie and Em­merdale have pulled out all the stops to give us some edge-of-the-seat ac­tion. There’s a mys­tery death in the Dales, while in Weather­field, David

Platt is all set to go up in smoke, along with Kylie’s killer, Clayton.

David wants Clayton to pay the ul­ti­mate price for mur­der­ing his

SDavid’s at­tempt to kill Clayton (inset) fails when his car breaks down mis­sus. With the thug on trial, he knows that it’s now or never.

Ex­plains ac­tor Jack P Shep­herd, who plays the griev­ing crimper:

‘It’s im­pos­si­ble to get a weapon into the court, so David knows he’s go­ing to have to get to Clayton be­fore he goes in there. He’s de­cided that when the prison van ap­proaches, he’s go­ing to drive into it. His car is doused in petrol and he’s doused in petrol, and then he’s go­ing to whip out his lighter. He blows up, the car blows up; they all blow up.’

His first at­tempt is a non­starter – lit­er­ally. The clapped­out mo­tor that he’s bought breaks down. A fu­ri­ous David orders Ty­rone to get it fixed for the fol­low­ing day, not real­is­ing that his fam­ily have done some plot­ting of their own. Gail and Nick have seen his “farewell” video, and have de­cided to lock him in the Bistro cel­lar.

Adds Jack: ‘They tell David there’s been a power cut at the Bistro, and sug­gest a fam­ily meal there. They say they’ll cook the food at the Platts’, take ev­ery­thing over and eat by can­dle­light. David agrees to go and, while he’s there, Nick asks him to help choose some wine from the cel­lar. David knows noth­ing about wine, so as­sumes Nick just wants to talk about some­thing. So he goes down with him – and then Nick runs out and locks the door.’

David’s fran­tic and, when Nick, Gail and Sarah all refuse to let him out, he takes mat­ters into his own hands. He climbs into the air vent and, us­ing his lighter to guide him, drags him­self through the sewer. As he spies day­light, all he can think about is mak­ing Clayton pay. Is he about to join Kylie in that great cob­bled street in the sky?

De­ter­mined David looks for a way out of his trap Des­per­ate mea­sures: Gail and Nick lock David in the cel­lar

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