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Cash in the Attic you can watch. Once the num­ber one grafter/ dogs­body in hus­band Ian’s busi­ness em­pire, Jane is now stuck at home in a wheel­chair, and she’s bored. Still, it looks as if there may be a plus side to hav­ing so much time on her hands. In her quest to flex the old grey mat­ter, she logs onto the res­tau­rant ac­counts this week. And that could be very bad news for de­vi­ous Steven...

Ian’s step­son has spent the last few months si­phon­ing off the prof­its to pay off his debts – all the while con­vinc­ing his numpty step­fa­ther that he’s an Alan Sugar in the mak­ing. Girl­friend Lau­ren

Tis well aware of what he’s up to, and knows he could be busted at any mo­ment – in a bid to keep his mis­sus oc­cu­pied, Ian has tasked Jane with find­ing ways for Beale’s to save money.

Des­per­ate to keep Jane away from the books, Lau­ren comes up with a way to dis­tract her, al­though this doesn’t do much to im­prove re­la­tions be­tween her and her fella. Steven’s still hung up about not be­ing treated like baby Louie’s proper dad, and be­comes even mood­ier when Lau­ren hap­pily tells Jane how Peter watched the video she sent him of the tot say­ing ‘dada’. Her plan doesn’t work for long. Later, when Jane is on her own, she de­cides to make her­self use­ful and whisks out the lap­top to give the fi­nances a go­ing-over.

She soon twigs that things don’t quite add up. Will she work out what’s been go­ing on, or will Steven come up with an ex­cuse to put her off the scent?

Jane checks the res­tau­rant fi­nances. Will she un­cover Steven’s du­plic­ity?

Ben isn’t ex­pect­ing an easy time when he goes to the hospi­tal to dis­cuss a pos­si­ble liver trans­plant for Phil – and, thanks to Kathy, he doesn’t get one. She turns up unan­nounced in the wait­ing room, then in­sists on go­ing into the ap­point­ment with him. Once the doc­tor has fin­ished speak­ing, she re­veals ev­ery­thing that Ben has been through lately be­cause of los­ing Paul. Ben’s livid and, back home, snaps at his mum for in­ter­fer­ing. Has she just blown his chance to save ‘Fiw’s’ life?

Prof­its of doom: Who’s Jane go­ing to call when she won­ders where the money’s gone?

Steven’s not the daddy – and he’s a swindler into the bar­gain

‘Butt out of it, Mum’ – Ben fears Kathy may kill Phil

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