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Robert Bathurst and Fay Ri­p­ley tell TV Times about the Cold Feet fi­nale, the un­be­liev­able re­ac­tion to its come­back and their hopes for an­other se­ries

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t’s a big ask for a once well-loved show to re­cap­ture even a glim­mer of its for­mer suc­cess, but over the past eight weeks, Cold Feet’s blend of pathos and belly laughs has made it a daz­zling hit all over again, 13 years af­ter it was last on air.

As the se­ries draws to a close this week, the one thing that

TV Times – and ev­ery other Cold Feet fan – can take com­fort in is that it won’t be an­other decade be­fore we catch up with the gang again. Just be­fore we went to press, ITV told us they have given the

green light to an­other se­ries.


Here, Robert Bathurst, 59, who plays gaffe-prone David, and Fay Ri­p­ley, 50, who plays forth­right Jenny, tell us about their hopes and fears for the fa­mous five’s fu­ture.

We’re so pleased to hear you’re com­ing back for an­other se­ries! Robert: It’s great. We’ve never fin­ished a se­ries of Cold Feet and said, ‘See you next year’, it’s al­ways been a case of, ‘We’ll see what the au­di­ence think.’

Fay: I am very happy to re­turn to Jenny be­cause she feels like a pal. At the end of this se­ries we were all say­ing, ‘I re­ally hope we don’t have to wait an­other 13 years to do this again, fin­gers crossed we’ll be able to carry on where we left off.’

So, what can you tell us about the se­ries fi­nale?

Fay: As is of­ten the case with Cold Feet, things aren’t straight­for­ward. For Pete [John Thom­son] and Jenny, af­ter a long time strug­gling, things are look­ing up, but they have an­other is­sue to deal with… Robert: We find out whether David’s le­gal prob­lems will go away, but most of it’s set at a party and all sorts of things go on! Did you find the party scenes fun to film?

Fay: No, they were ab­so­lutely aw­ful. On the first day it’s bril­liant and you’re all to­gether hav­ing a laugh and you ac­tu­ally feel as though you’re at a party. But those scenes take 10 days to film with pre­tend drink­ing and danc­ing to mu­sic that isn’t play­ing. That’s not fun; you look like a right Char­lie. Does this last episode leave things on a cliffhanger?

Robert: We do see some res­o­lu­tion, but it also leaves things open for any fu­ture se­ries so when Cold

Feet does come back, then there’s room for it to de­velop fur­ther.

Fay: Yes, there’s an el­e­ment of leav­ing ev­ery­body want­ing to know what’s go­ing to hap­pen to these char­ac­ters be­yond this. When the se­ries re­turns, where do you see the char­ac­ters go­ing? Robert: There have been hints and it sounds re­ally in­ter­est­ing, but

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