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reg­nancy’s not easy for any­one, and poor Shell has even more to con­tend with than stretch marks, swollen an­kles and con­sti­pa­tion. Ever since she dis­cov­ered that Jim Mcdon­ald has the ge­netic con­di­tion, my­otonic dys­tro­phy (so he has), she’s been fret­ting about what this means for her and Steve’s un­born child.

Fear­ing for the fu­ture, this week she con­sid­ers hav­ing a ter­mi­na­tion – some­thing Amy finds out about when her step­mum leaves her ipad around. Yep, that old ch­est­nut again.

Un­til now, Amy’s had no idea that she has a brother or sis­ter on

PThe se­cret’s out:

Liz tells Amy that Michelle’s preg­nant Michelle re­as­sures Amy she will have the baby

the way, but then Liz opens her big gob – much to Michelle’s fury.

The school­girl is over the moon, and helps Steve to build a cot (or should that be try to build a cot?). But Michelle strug­gles to share her ex­cite­ment, and is so wor­ried that she starts googling abor­tion clin­ics.

‘She doesn’t know what to do for the best,’ says Kym Marsh, who plays the be­wil­dered bar­maid. ‘She’s wor­ried she might end up in a sit­u­a­tion where her hus­band is ill and they have a child who’s also ill, and she re­ally doesn’t know if she could cope.’

Amy’s shocked to re­alise what Michelle might be plan­ning, and con­fides in Leanne and Robert. Leanne then warns Michelle about Amy’s dis­cov­ery, and breaks down and ad­mits she’s ter­ri­fied that her baby will have MD. Un­known to Michelle, of course, Leanne’s in the same sit­u­a­tion. This doesn’t make her a great can­di­date to off­load on, but that’s okay be­cause Michelle sud­denly has a friend in Robert. Hmm, we’re sens­ing some fu­ture snog­ging ac­tion.

Adds Kym: ‘They’ve not seen eye to eye since the whole Carla thing, but he’s some­one who’s calm and lis­tens to her. He says she can be strong and deal with it.

‘He’s the op­po­site to Steve in that he can stand back and take stock of a sit­u­a­tion. Steve just goes into panic mode.’

Buoyed by Robert’s words, Michelle re­as­sures Amy that she’s go­ing ahead with the preg­nancy. Mean­while,

Steve’s ge­netic coun­sel­lor then re­veals the out­come of his test re­sults. Will it be the news that Michelle and Leanne are hop­ing for?

Amy finds out that Michelle is con­sid­er­ing a ter­mi­na­tion

Robert has words of com­fort for a wor­ried Michelle

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