The French re­jec­tion

He has this mo­ment of clar­ity where he thinks: ‘What am I do­ing? I should be with Moira’

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Cain tells Char­ity he’s not go­ing to France with her – prompt­ing her to drive to a cliff edge…

hey’ve packed their bags, they’ve hit the road and Char­ity can prac­ti­cally smell the vin rouge wait­ing for her across the Chan­nel. Un­for­tu­nately, she and Cain haven’t got out of York­shire when he slams on the brakes and tells her he’s had a change of heart – he doesn’t want to go to France with her af­ter all.

‘It’s as if some­body has chucked an ice-cold bucket of wa­ter over him,’ says Jeff Hord­ley, who plays the brood­ing me­chanic.

‘He has this mo­ment of clar­ity where he thinks: Òwhat am I do­ing? I should be with Moiraó. He feels ter­ri­ble for string­ing Char­ity along, but there’s no go­ing back.’

To say Char­ity is dev­as­tated is an un­der­state­ment. She hadn’t seen this com­ing and had thought Cain couldn’t wait to get out of the vil­lage – he’d ac­tu­ally sug­gested that they leave ear­lier than planned. But he’s only done that be­cause Moira’s told him to sling his hook

Tand he’s re­alised that they’re well and truly over. Even when young Noah an­nounces that he’s go­ing to live with Moira and won’t be go­ing to France with his mum, Cain ploughs on with their plans to leave.

Adds Jeff: ‘He thinks that Noah will come round even­tu­ally, and sug­gests to Char­ity that they go ahead, get set­tled and then ask Chas to bring him over.’

It’s a painful farewell for Char­ity

A po­lice­woman de­liv­ers wor­ry­ing news to Cain

‘Thelma and Louise’?

when Noah says that he never wants to see her again. And, when she bids farewell to baby Moses, she’s gen­uinely torn. But she gets in the car and is feel­ing op­ti­mistic – un­til, a short way down the road, Cain an­nounces that he’s stay­ing put, and then hands her the car keys and walks away.

Char­ity screams that he’ll never see her or Deb­bie again, but he keeps on walking. She drives off and is later seen by a cliff edge, revving the en­gine.

Cain as­sumes she’s play­ing games when the po­lice turn up and tell him that his car’s been found at the bot­tom of a lake. But the rest of the fam­ily fear the worst. Is Char­ity a goner?


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Tony Au­den­shaw

For Char­ity there’s no go­ing back – and for Cain there’s no go­ing for­ward

Is Char­ity about to do a

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