Down and out?

Shona re­alises who Bethany’s boyfriend is – and is left se­ri­ously in­jured af­ter she con­fronts evil schemer Nathan

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It’s the first time Bethany thinks some­thing is wrong

It’s ‘party time’ at Nathan’s flat this week, which means poor Bethany is destined for an­other hor­rific night of be­ing forced to sleep with strangers.

This time round, her ‘boyfriend’ is tak­ing no chances. De­ter­mined not to dis­ap­point his friends, he slips some pills into the teenager’s drink. But could help be at hand?

When Shona re­luc­tantly agrees to be a hair model for David, she finds her­self at the sa­lon with Craig, who con­fides in her that he doesn’t like Bethany’s new man. As he refers to Nathan own­ing a tan­ning shop, Shona re­alises that he’s talk­ing about the same seedy Nathan she used to go out with – and makes it her mis­sion to save the school­girl from his clutches.

It’s not go­ing to be easy, though. As Shona hot­foots it to Nathan’s shop and or­ders her ex to stay away from Bethany, he grabs her wrist and warns her ‘she owes him’.

Shona man­ages to es­cape, only to be in­ter­cepted by two heav­ies. As she’s about to call the po­lice, they knock her phone from her hand and beat her up. Craig finds the café worker slumped in an al­ley­way, cov­ered in blood, and calls for an am­bu­lance.

Back at the flat, Nathan hands Bethany an­other spiked drink and re­moves her en­gage­ment ring, say­ing he doesn’t want to make his guests jeal­ous. He pun­ishes her when she makes a drunken show of her­self, then begs for her for­give­ness and en­cour­ages her to go into the bed­room with three of his mates.

‘Nathan says that she doesn’t have to do any­thing she doesn’t want to, but Bethany knows full well what he ex­pects of her,’ re­veals star Lucy Fal­lon. ‘When there are three men in the room, she shouts for Mel. She’s in shock, and it’s the first time Bethany re­ally thinks some­thing is wrong.’

Mean­while, a blood­ied Shona legs it from the hos­pi­tal and hur­ries back to the cob­bles to warn David that his niece is in dan­ger. The pair then race over to the tan­ning sa­lon with Sarah and

Gary in tow, as Shona ex­plains the aw­ful truth about what Nathan has been putting Bethany through.

Kick­ing through the door, the group bolt up­stairs to Nathan’s flat. But will they ar­rive in time to save Bethany from her lat­est or­deal?

Bru­tal: Shona is the vic­tim of a vi­o­lent at­tack Help: Craig calls an am­bu­lance for Shona

Cruel: Nathan con­tin­ues to ex­ploit Bethany

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