Ewan Mcgre­gor on play­ing two broth­ers in Fargo and get­ting a help­ing hand from the US Pres­i­dent...

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It was our plea­sure to talk to my fel­low Scot, Ewan Mcgre­gor, about play­ing sib­lings in se­ries three. He’s barely recog­nis­able as down-on-his-luck Ray, who plans to steal a rare stamp from his rich brother Em­mit.


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Ewan Mcgre­gor is usu­ally seen on the big screen, star­ring in hit movies such as Trainspot­ting, Moulin Rouge! and the Star Wars pre­quels, but this week he can be seen on TV as Fargo re­turns to C4 for a third se­ries. And as he leads the cast of the US mur­der-mys­tery drama, the 46-year-old Scot ap­pears in not one, but two, very dif­fer­ent roles.

Set in 2010, the 10-episode run sees Ewan play war­ring broth­ers – real-es­tate mag­nate Em­mit and pa­role of­fi­cer Ray – along­side a new-look cast, in­clud­ing Harry Pot­ter ac­tor David Thewlis. When Em­mit re­fuses to give him the money to buy his girl­friend an en­gage­ment ring, Ray plans to steal a stamp but things quickly go awry. Here, Ewan tells

TV Times more… You look very dif­fer­ent as Ray, how did you trans­form your­self? We used pros­thet­ics to give me a dou­ble chin and widen my nose. Be­cause he’s so down on his luck, it felt right to give him long hair and a re­ced­ing hair­line. It’s in­ter­est­ing how shal­low peo­ple are on so­cial me­dia – my pic­tures had com­ments like, “They’ve made you so ugly”.

But I say don’t judge a book by its cover. I think he looks amaz­ing. Ray’s a clas­sic dude! Were you a fan of the se­ries?

I hadn’t seen it be­cause I thought it was a silly idea to make a TV show based on a much-loved movie. I just didn’t get it. But I was talk­ing to a pro­ducer about an idea I had for a TV show when he said

I should check out Fargo be­cause they were cast­ing sea­son three. I went home and watched the first two sea­sons out of or­der by ac­ci­dent, but I ate them up!

How dif­fer­ent are Em­mit and Ray? Ray’s com­pli­cated. He’s mean to the con­victs he works with, but he’s dif­fer­ent with his girl­friend, Nikki. Em­mit is colder. His life has been about mak­ing money, but in this time of con­ser­vatism and Don­ald Trump, it’s been in­ter­est­ing to play some­one like that and I feel I’m chan­nel­ing Trump. As Em­mit’s life starts to fall apart, he’s quick to blame oth­ers, like Trump does!

The se­ries is set in Min­nesota, but filmed in Cal­gary – how did you cope with the ex­treme cold?

We started shoot­ing in Jan­uary and it was -29C, so prop­erly freez­ing! I’ve re­ally fallen for Cal­gary, but I have a funny relationship with the place be­cause I was al­most killed there when I was film­ing Long Way Round! I was rear-ended by a kid in the fast lane on the high­way. It’s the near­est to death I’ve ever been and re­minded me how lucky I am.

Will we see you in a Bri­tish Tv show next per­haps?

I’d love to be in Catas­tro­phe! I love the char­ac­ters, es­pe­cially Chris [Mark Bon­nar]. It’s my favourite Bri­tish TV show, and an­other ex­am­ple of great writ­ing. Sea­son three has al­ready fin­ished, though, so I might have missed the boat…

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Ewan used Trump to mould the char­ac­ter of Ray

Pres­i­dent Trump

Sib­ling rivalry: Ewan as Em­mit (left) and Ray

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