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TV Times - - Interview -

En­cir­cled by wood­land,

TV Times has been trans­ported back in time as we stand in front of a roar­ing camp­fire sur­rounded by bas­kets of newly-made ar­rows and men dressed in me­dieval smocks.

We’re watch­ing ex­pert bowyer Tom mareschall, who teaches tra­di­tional crafts and archery, show Steve how to make a me­dieval long­bow as part of this week’s episode of Coun­try­file. ‘It’s so much fun see­ing how peo­ple use the coun­try­side,’ smiles Steve. ‘I’ve been taught how to make long­bows and I’ve learned there is a dif­fer­ence be­tween an ash long­bow that a novice would make and shoot, and a yew bow, which is far more ex­pen­sive be­cause it’s denser and takes longer to grow, so that is left to the pro­fes­sional bowers and archers to work with.

‘later, we’re off to a black­smith’s to forge me­dieval ar­row­heads, and then I’ll be do­ing archery.

It’s amaz­ing. I don’t care who

I’m up against, I’m go­ing to win!’

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