Em­merdale, Hol­lyoaks and Doc­tors

Jimmy outs Rakesh as the Mill Cot­tage ar­son­ist and ends up putting him­self and Ni­cola in a whole heap of trou­ble

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It seems those choco­late swans aren’t go­ing to be the only ca­su­al­ties of Jimmy and Ni­cola’s rumpy-pumpy ses­sion at the fac­tory. When the work­ers set out to get re­venge on Ni­cola for try­ing to blame the fi­asco on them, it leads to a se­ries of events which ul­ti­mately, and rather bizarrely, ends with Jimmy out­ing Rakesh for start­ing the Mill Cot­tage fire.

With the staff now know­ing about Ni­cola’s fear of a cer­tain furry an­i­mal, the pranks come in thick and fast, and one worker de­cides to dress up in cos­tume to give Ni­cola a proper scare. Ni­cola tack­les the ‘an­i­mal’ to the ground and, wrongly be­liev­ing Jai is re­spon­si­ble for the stunt, slates him. He over­hears her and fires her on the spot.

Ni­cola des­per­ately tries to black­mail him into chang­ing his mind and, when Jai re­fuses to budge, she tells Jimmy it’s all his fault. Some things never change. ‘She blames Jimmy be­cause he told ev­ery­one about her pho­bia,’ re­veals Nick Miles, who plays the hen-pecked hus­band. ‘They have a row and he storms out of the house and ends up get­ting drunk with Kerry.’

Af­ter a few too many beers, Jimmy be­comes loose-lipped and re­veals that it was Rakesh who started the Mill Cot­tage blaze. The pun­ters are hor­ri­fied, and per­suade him to call the po­lice.

‘He calls 999 and tells the po­lice ev­ery­thing he shouldn’t,’ ex­plains Nick. ‘The next day, when he has a ter­ri­ble hang­over, he re­mem­bers what he has done. He tries to stop Ni­cola from go­ing into the fac­tory, but she ig­nores him. He knows she’s go­ing to be fu­ri­ous when she hears what has hap­pened.’

Soon, the po­lice turn up to ques­tion Rakesh. The for­mer lawyer is stunned, but he’s not the only one sweat­ing. Jimmy knows that by keep­ing hold of the se­cret for so long, he and Ni­cola could be charged with be­ing ac­ces­sories af­ter the fact. ‘The thing that Jimmy is most scared of is Ni­cola,’ says Nick. ‘She is a psy­chopath, and what he has done could get them into big trou­ble.’

Will Rakesh wrig­gle out of trou­ble or will he go down for ar­son? And if he does, will he take Jimmy and Ni­cola with him?

What Jimmy has done could get them into big trou­ble

Ex­posed: Will Rakesh face prison? Jimmy gets drunk and blabs the truth

In trou­ble: Will Priya stand by Rakesh?

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