On the run!

Bethany leaves Weather­field with Nathan. Will she ever come back?

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Now that the Platts have got the mea­sure of him, evil Nathan has de­cided that Bethany is more trou­ble than she’s worth, and it’s time to find some new prey to pimp out. But rather than let the school­girl stay with her fam­ily, he’s hatched a plot to take her over­seas, where he can hand her over to an equally twisted con­tact in ex­change for money.

‘Nathan is go­ing to leave her high and dry with a

“friend” of his,’ ex­plains Chris Harper, who plays the sick sa­lon owner. ‘He’s go­ing to wash his hands of her and move on. Bethany’s been a lot of trou­ble, and this is his last chance to cash in on her.’ Bethany has no idea what her ‘boyfriend’ is re­ally up to as she se­cretly packs a bag and has a fi­nal cud­dle with baby brother, Harry. The poor girl thinks Nathan loves her, and they’re eloping to­gether. Can she be con­vinced oth­er­wise?

Mary has a good try when she calls at No 8 and spots Bethany’s holdall. As the teen con­fides in her that she’s start­ing a new life with Nathan abroad, Mary bars her way out. And, liken­ing the sit­u­a­tion to her own rape, she begs Bethany to see that the things Nathan makes her do are wrong. But the school­girl is hav­ing none of it. She pushes the florist aside and Mary watches in hor­ror as Nathan whisks

Bethany off in his car.

Mary re­ports back to a panic-stricken Sarah, who calls the cops, while Nathan ex­plains to Bethany that they’re headed for Hull, where there’s a boat to Bel­gium. She sheep­ishly ad­mits that she doesn’t have a pass­port and, as Nathan ar­ranges to get a new one, he re­veals that he wants her to set sail with­out him, while he lies low from the po­lice for a lit­tle longer.

Alarm bells start ring­ing for Bethany, who de­mands to know what his plans are for her on the con­ti­nent. ‘Nathan is try­ing to con­trol her through both flat­tery and fear,’ adds Chris. ‘He thinks that if he keeps tight­en­ing his grip, she will com­ply – but it starts to have the op­po­site ef­fect.’

As Bethany pushes Nathan for in­for­ma­tion, slowly but surely his con­trol over her starts to weaken. Can Bethany now find the courage to fight back and es­cape?

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Nathan thinks that if he keeps tight­en­ing his grip, she will com­ply – but it starts to have the op­po­site ef­fect

Bethany gets wise to nasty Nathan’s true in­ten­tions

Mary begs Bethany not to leave her fam­ily

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