Bar­tons in bother

Finn and Ross are left in se­ri­ous trou­ble, thanks to Ro­bron’s re­venge plan

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Ross Bar­ton chose the wrong per­son to wind up when he black­mailed Robert Sug­den. Let’s not for­get that this is the guy who pushed Katie to her death, tried to kill Paddy – twice – and was once a whisker away from bat­ter­ing Chas over the head with a stone. Now, it’s pay­back time and it’s not only Ross, but younger brother Finn, who suf­fers.

With help from Aaron, Robert kicks off his re­venge plan by steal­ing Ross’s taxi. Ross storms over to the scrap­yard to get it back, only to find that it’s been through the crusher.

‘He’s fum­ing,’ says Michael Parr, who plays Ross. ‘They have taken one of his most valu­able pos­ses­sions.’ When Finn sug­gests call­ing the cops, Ross is forced to ad­mit that he caused the whole de­ba­cle by black­mail­ing Robert. Ross then nicks Robert’s car in a bid to get even. ‘He thinks he can use it to force Robert and Aaron into giv­ing him a new taxi,’ adds Michael.

But Robert isn’t about to let it lie. As he and Aaron con­sider their op­tions, Adam sees a text on Ross’s phone, which leads ‘Ro­bron’ to Wylie’s Farm, where they catch Finn and Ross stuff­ing bags of cannabis into Emma’s car. Robert can barely con­tain his glee, know­ing this could be a fan­tas­tic op­por­tu­nity to do Ross some se­ri­ous dam­age…

When Ross and Finn re­turn to the farm, they’re hor­ri­fied to find the cannabis has gone. And un­be­known to them, the drug deal­ers who grew the stuff are watch­ing them.

Ross re­ceives a text ex­plain­ing what has hap­pened, and when he goes off to in­ves­ti­gate he finds a smug Robert and Aaron shred­ding the cannabis in a wood chip­per. At Wylie’s, mean­while, Finn is left to face the wrath of the dodgy deal­ers.

They drag him into their car and set off to track Ross down. See­ing Emma’s mo­tor, they shunt it from be­hind, be­liev­ing Ross is inside. Finn is help­less as they then drag the driver out, who is stabbed in the en­su­ing strug­gle. As the deal­ers flee, Finn rushes to help the mo­torist. But is it Ross… or some­one else?

Robert knows this is a fan­tas­tic op­por­tu­nity to do Ross some se­ri­ous


Danger ahead: Finn and Ross Robert and Aaron leave Ross feel­ing as crushed as his car

Road to hell: Finn is snatched by deal­ers

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