Quizzing Alan

TV Times - - Interview -

We test his knowl­edge in a gar­den­themed Tv quiz…

1. The Flower pot Men were orig­i­nally part of which fa­mous chil­dren’s se­ries? alan: Watch with Mother!

2. Which celebrity gar­dener un­veiled the first Blue Peter gar­den in 1974? Percy thrower. My first job in jour­nal­ism was to edit his gar­den­ing col­umn for a news­pa­per.

3. Which fa­mous Tv grump was left ex­as­per­ated af­ter re­ceiv­ing 263 gnomes when he’d only or­dered one? One Foot in the Grave’s Vic­tor Mel­drew. ‘I don’t be­lieve it!’

4. rose­mary & Thyme fea­tured two gar­den­ers-cum-sleuths, played by pam Fer­ris and who? felic­ity Ken­dal.

5. Which iconic gar­den­ing show first aired in 1968? Gar­den­ers’ World, which is 50 years old next year. I was on it for years, so that’s easy.

TVT: Well done Alan, you scored five out of five!

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